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A New Paradigm

Curious Christmas!

I suppose it should have come as no surprise that this Christmas would be different, when we consider how very unusual 2017 has been. Yet, isn’t it amazing, how we all have similar pre-conceived ideas about what Christmas should be like? It is the gap between these “programmed” expectations and our true experience that can cause such disappointment, and yet each year we revert to the old programmed expectations!!! How many times have you heard “ah there’s no Christmas spirit like there used to be”?
Perhaps, we should re-evaluate each year, and as we grow and change, our expectations should be re-aligned. I am not suggesting that we should lower our expectations, it is absolutely possible to create that much sought after Christmas Spirit of joy, love, empathy and peace. However, passively expecting it to just show up, when you finally take a moment to notice, is not how it works.
We all acknowledge that we will not find this spirit in material things, yet, we can use material items as tools to access the very feeling that we are seeking. For example, it has never been easier to play Christmas music around us using current technology, music is a simple method to create certain internal states. Taking the time to feel the gratitude for the gifts we receive and give, will help us access a high vibrational internal state.
Indeed, I would suggest that time itself is the key- for we can only experience Joy, Love, Empathy and Peace, in the present moment. Learning to make the time to be in the present moment is the ONLY way to feel Christmas Spirit, and this is not dependent on anyone, or anything other than YOU!
This year of 2017, it seems like there was a Time Famine! The year has certainly flown past. Which is why is has never been more important that each of us learns how to master our relationship with time. You can gift yourself time- by changing your routine, and consciously choosing to spend time with yourself.
For those interested in including this as a New Year’s Resolution, I will be hosting a series of Retreat Days throughout 2018. The first will be on Friday 12th Jan, 10.30-5pm.
This is a self-indulgent event that will allow you to dramatically reduce your stress levels, sinking you into a relaxed state, cocooning you in a nurturing cloak of self-healing, temporarily suspending time. Places are limited so early booking is advised, you can book by email to, or call 061-381947. Fee including lunch is 120 euro.
Another exciting addition to our range of trainings is our                                                             Neuro-Activation Therapy Program, this will run over 7 Modules, consisting of 3 x 3hr classes. This training is offered to those interested in increasing their understanding and skills in the Brain/Mind Complex. By gaining knowledge and opening the mind to expansive concepts, students will learn to discover their true potentiality. For further info contact Anna.

REIKI Trainings are more valuable than ever, in terms of self-development. Our next               Reiki Level one (which teaches you how to self-treat with Reiki) is on Tue 9th Jan 11-2pm, again to book please contact Anna, or 061-381947.

REIKI MASTER-TEACHER Training Program will start in Feb, running one class per month until Dec 2018. This is open to anyone with level 2 Reiki, and is an intensive program that will allow you to teach all levels of Reiki. Commitment to one’s self-development is a pre-requisite, as this training will elevate your consciousness exponentially. If you are considering moving to this level, please contact Anna to book an appointment to discuss all aspects of this course to ascertain if this is the right path for you.

May I take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you, who have supported me throughout 2017, as friends, clients, teachers, students, colleagues, organisations, and last, but not least, my dear family. Your patience with my long absences, slow responses to communications, is greatly appreciated, as 2017 was an incredible year of dedication to creating a better world for each of us, and I could not have played my part without each of you and your loyal support, your kind words and gestures. May the blessings you have bestowed on me be returned to you a thousand times.
2017 may have been a year of intensive work for each of us, as we shed layers of outdated, irrelevant “programming”, at all levels, personal, professional and in our relationships, but it was also the building of important foundations, that will allow the next more exciting level of development in 2018.
All indications are that 2018 will herald incredibly exciting times for all of us, so fasten your seat-belt, make sure you get the right fuel in your tank, pack in some enlightening books/courses to assist you, and choose the perfect companions to enjoy this journey with.

Wishing you and your’s infinite love, light, and wisdom,

Back To School!!!

Well did I blink and miss summer?  Goodness me, time is indeed warping or morphing !

Thank you to everyone who came to An Evening with Anna- Stress-Less, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of you and sharing some practical techniques to help you navigate this intense times, with the added bonus of supporting Grow.

It was very exciting to witness your enthusiasim for experiencing Energy Treatments, and well done to our team who were “flat-out” each evening.

This enthusiasm is also evident by the numbers now choosing to learn Reiki for self-care, it is still my absolute favourite therapy- probably because it takes no effort to do my self-treatment every day- and yet the rewards are infinite- an hour of self-reiki is  equal to 4/5 hours sleep in terms of energy gain-who doesn’t need that these days!!! If you would like to take a Reiki Level one (next one is Tuesday 12th Sept 9.30-12.30), please get in touch . One class is all you need and then you are totally equipped to take care of your own energy field- magic!

For those wishing to “up-grade” to Reiki level 2, my next training is Sat/Sun 16th & 17th Sept, and this teaches you how to work on others and do distance healing, again a wonderful easy way to help share this valuable therapy with people as a way to manage the stresses of life.  Again if you have already completed Reiki 1 and you would like to take part next weekend, just email

We are very excited to welcome our new Full Time Diploma Students, to the only training of its kind in Ireland.  We start on Oct 4th, and our students will qualify in 12 professional therapies and complete introductory courses to 20 more, and will do final examinations in May 18. We have only a few places remaining (our classes are small but intensive), so please do get in touch soon if you are considering embarking on the most rewarding career for helping yourself and others improve their quality of life.  I would highly recommend that anyone considering a career in Healthcare, to first take our Full Time Diploma, as what you will learn will enhance any further medical trainings you choose to take.


For those of you wanting to take part-time courses please let us know which modalities you are interested in and what time-table would suit you, as we are happy to create extra trainings if enough students are interested.


Our CPD trainings for Professionals are proving to be a great success, again if you are in a profession that requires you to complete CPD points please get in touch and we will be delighted to show you the full range we have to offer.

Meanwhile on the Global front, it certainly has been a very interesting summer, we had a significant Solar Eclipse on Aug 21st, which hadn’t happened in 99 years- when we look back in hindsight it will be marked as a time of importance.  I know many of you were feeling challenged during this time as we let go of the past, in order to bring in a better future for all of us.

The change is already evident, notice what conversations people around you are having these days-can you hear the difference? People are waking up, thank God!! Holistic Healthcare is becoming more and more sought after for the true value that is offers, the buzz is tangible- I certainly have never been as busy, and how blessed I feel to have so many people indulge me in my passion to help them live a more joyous life. – Did I mention I loooooove my work!!

Oh-it just struck me that I should share  Alberto’s lovely words with you- Alberto is a young Cello student in Honduras.  He discovered my work via the 60 second panic solution, which is an on-line program that helps sufferers in over 80 countries.

“Here is a small update and some sharing of my journey:
 I haven’t performed with the orchestra because my university is on strike and all events have been canceled 🙁 But that is okay, the more time I have for healing, the better. I will feel stronger when a performance happens.
 I just want to thank you again for your program. I have said this many times and I really mean it. I want to share what happened before I got to you:
1) When panic attacks started, I began reading articles and books, all of them talked about coping with the symptoms, saying that with time they would decrease, That didn’t work for me, they got far worse with time.started behaving very strangely, he started twitching and twisting for a few seconds. After that he regained his composure. He mentioned medication was the way to treat anxiety and panic attacks, but after witnessing his strange movements, we lost faith in him and his methods. After leaving the clinic we saw a few patients waiting; they all looked like ZOMBIES! It was horrible. My mother says what we witnessed was a divine intervention, meaning this was not the way or a solution for me.
3) My mother always believed there had to be a natural, less invasive way to solve my anxiety and attacks. She basically trusted I would find it on my own. I read far more and found programs online. I found Ashok Gupta Amygdala Retraining Technique, which provides a powerful technique, very similar to Thought Patrol, but longer and with many steps. . I did this for a year and it helped a bit, but panic attacks were still there. I was still vulnerable to them.
4) I found Annie Hoppers program called DNRS, basically limbic system retraining.Her DVDs are very expensive, so instead I bought the book first to see what her program was about. She suffered with multiple chemical sensitivities and other, but addressed that limbic dysfunction was the root of many other issues like anxiety, chronic fatigue…etc. Her book explains allll the science of what stress does to the body and that the only way to heal is to restore the body to a state of growth and repair. I found the way to heal but did not know how to do it. I needed to buy the DVDs to find out. Since she didn’t talk about panic attacks specifically in her book, I was not sure of buying her program.
 5) After years of trying different things, I got to the point of getting so ill that I considered buying her DVDs or trying meds; I was desperate and hit rock bottom. At this point I found you!!! You taught me how to get to a state of growth and repair. I listen to the alter picture audio every day, and when tears come out I feel I turned off the anxiety switch. I basically use the triple A technique to turn off the switch. I don’t question why it gets turned on in the first place, I just turn it off every time I can.
Thank you again for saving my life. After reading your interview with Jill, I was convinced you knew something many don’t know. You mentioned your technique could be used by a 5 year old. This convinced me all the way, I knew there had to be an easier and more fun way to solve anxiety.
 I wanted to share a bit more of my journey just to tell you how amazing you are and how smart your program is! Thank you for being so approachable and kind. Thank you for helping me even more along the way.
 I recently played a wonderful video game and have seen so many connections to my healing journey. I have attached an image just to give you an example. The monster represents the alert signals (panic-attacks). I am the boy of course. The sword is called “Master Sword” capable of banishing all “evil”. YOU gave me that sword….
 Before having that sword, I was fighting that monster without an armor or weapons. I was “naked” and vulnerable. (I know my survival response is just trying to protect me and needs retraining, I know it is not exactly an enemy, but it is fun to see it as a monster 😊)
Thank you for giving me the Master Sword and Hylian Shield. I am eternally grateful…
2) I went to a psychiatrist to see if they had a solution. Something very strange happened during the appointment. As I explained my symptoms, the doctor

Till next time, wishing you infinite love light and laughter, Anna


Time is Changing!

We all feel that our experience of time has altered, my perception of writing my last blog is that is was recent! (My sincere apologies for my lack of attentiveness to all of you). Many people are feeling this shift this time and it is not a figment of your imagination!

The frequency of our planet is changing dramatically.  The frequency of Earth is measured in Schumann Resonance Waves after the professor who discovered it.  It is the measurement of the atmosphere between earth surface and the Ionosphere, and all life tunes itself to this frequency. When first discovered in 1954 it measured 7.83hz Schumann Waves and remained that way until 2014, when the people measuring it noticed that it was beginning to spike- 11-14 hz.

In 2017 it peaked to 30.9hz,

Easter this year there was a peak to 90hz!

So we are literally vibrating at a higher frequency.

This is why energy treatments have never been as valuable and indeed vital for our wellbeing.  Just like when you fly- as the aircraft goes higher the pressure outside of your body changes- if you do not adjust your internal pressure to match it will cause your ears to ache.  “Popping” your ears adjusts the internal pressure to match the external pressure entering your ears.  Many people are experiencing this internal pressure increase as Anxiety/Panic Attacks, which is why Anxiety solutions MUST include Energy Treatments to be effective.  Energy sessions re-calibrate the internal energy of the body and the brain waves.

It is my passion to assist as many people as possible, and I am very blessed to access people all over the world via my on-line program. So please do not hesitate to email if you would like to know more, it is my pleasure to be of service (please be patient as there are so many queries it may take a couple of days for me to reply, but I will always do so).

Meanwhile back our Holistic Centre of Excellence, this year’s students are both sad and elated to be completing their final exams at the moment.  Congratulations to all of you for your outstanding commitment to learn so many skills that will allow you to contribute to making our world a healthier place for all of us.  A massive thank-you to our dedicated, passionate tutors and directors, our students are so very privileged to learn from your incredible expertise.  I encourage those of you who are being guided to your vocation of working in Holistic Healthcare to visit us and get a first hand experience of how blessed we have been at Holistic Centre of Excellence, our syllabus, location, and dedicated team are unmatched in Ireland.

Our Holistic Therapist Diploma is unique and we do not take more than 16 students, so early booking is essential for our next training which starts in September 17 and finishes May 18.


REIKI LEVEL 2– our next training will take place on Tue/ Wed 20th/21st June, pre-requisite is Reiki level 1, for more information please email 061-381947.


We are living in the most exhilarating time of positive change on our planet, and while change is challenging it is essential if we are to replace old out-dated ways of thinking and living.  My research indicates that we are heading very quickly in the right direction of creating a magnificent world that our grandchildren will be blessed to enjoy.  So roll up your sleeves, pull yourself away from the self- hypnosis box that is your tv/computer, and let’s get cracking!


I absolutely looooooove my work, and if you would like any information about any of the ideas I have shared here please do not hesitate to get in touch- email is best!


Wishing you infinite love, light and wisdom, Anna


Its a Miracle

We are bursting with joy since last Saturday, as we were blessed to be re-united with one of two of our precious Rottweilers, who went missing 9 months ago.

A Miracle is when an extraordinary combination of seemingly ordinary events collide in a divinely inspired moment.  When Jessie and Robin went missing last April we had no idea what had happened, they were both micro-chipped so this gave us consolation that they would be recognized and soon returned to us.

Naturally we did absolutely everything possible to find them, including working with many Animal Communicators, the Gardai, Social Media, every Dog Pound, the Press and Peter even traveled to the UK in search of them, and still no trace. As time went on the grief and  loss lead some of our family to become disheartened.

The most valuable lesson that my work has taught me is the power of positive thought and prayer for manifesting our dreams.   I am also blessed to be surrounded by others with the same awareness, and we constantly held a vision of our girls coming home, and the subsequent joy that we would bask in.

That positive energy, gave power to manifest the magical moment last Wed night at 1.30am, when Frank McHugh who lives 120 miles away in the Wicklow mountains, was driving home and he spotted what he thought was one of his sheep dogs lying at the side of the road.  When he found Robin, she was so weak that she was unable to stand.

The following day the vet said that she had less than 24 hrs left to live.  Her micro-chip was gone.  Frank’s daughter put a post on social media, and one of her friends recalled a post we had up months previously. They got in touch and even in her desperately weak state Robin recognized us immediately.  The confirmation of divine inspiration is the incredible fact that Frank’s brother-in-law was our first dog-groomer 20years previously 120 miles away!!!!- Ordinary moments colliding in an extraordinary way through divine intervention.

It is curious that the training that first taught me this in 2004- is back again in two weeks time!!!

I was so impressed with that training that I have run it here in Limerick every year since, and last weekend was a stark reminder of just how life-changing this course continues to be in my life and that of the hundreds who have enjoyed it.

Please take this opportunity to Enhance Your Life too, it will run on Sat 4th Feb 9am-8pm and Sun 5th Feb 9am-6pm.  Dr Alessandra Betti from Milan, will once again share her tremendous expertise, laughter and compassion with us, as I relish assisting her over this high octane weekend.

Our participants regularly repeat the training, for a nominal fee, and we look forward to re-connecting with you, and hearing your success stories, since your last visit.


Our 3 day Indian Head Massage is running in early Feb, so if you would like to dip your toe into the world of hands on therapies this is an ideal starting point, contact us for details-

or 061381947.


We are living in extraordinary times, and my extensive  research over the past year or two, has given me a wider informed perspective that is a tremendous help to navigate these changes.  I am happy to share this knowledge with any of you who have taken a min of Reiki Level one training with us.  This class with run from 10-2pm on Sat 11th Feb. There will also be an advanced class later that day from 3-6 for all of the Reiki Masters who have studied with me.  The cover charge for each session is 50 euro, and I will be assisted by an expert on the day.  Getting up to speed has never been so vital, so I hope that those of you who are consciously on your path of growth, can join us.


These times are so very exciting as so many people awaken to the magic of Holistic Therapies, it is my joy to see so many others join in my loooooove for this work.


Till next time, wishing you love and light Anna


The Season to Be Jolly!

Being in a Jolly state has never been more vital- firstly it is scientifically proven that laughter heals!  Secondly we radiate our emotional state out into our environment and share it with others-(you experience this every day, which is why when we meet someone who is radiating happiness we say there is a good “vibe” off them!), and when you smile the world smiles back at you.

Happiness or Joy is an anti-dote for fear, (of which there is no shortage unfortunately).  Christmas is a great time to for Joy to be our emotion of choice.

It is also easier to access the higher states of Love/Compassion/Empathy as there is joyful music piped everywhere we go, there is extra bright light everywhere with the Christmas trees and decorations. This atmosphere is primed for us to take the time to jump off our little hamster wheels of life and breath in this Joy- the benefits are immense, so don’t get so busy with the details that this golden opportunity passes you by.

Meanwhile Id better jump back on my little hamster wheel and do some work!

We have an exciting line-up of trainings in the New Year that are open to anyone-

Why not give a gift of a training this Christmas to someone you love- it will truly have life-long benefits:

Enhance Your Life is one such training, this 2.5 day event has changed hundreds of lives since we first started running it over 12 years ago.  And anyone can repeat the training for free!  We have some 7th time offenders returning!!!  It will run on Sat 4th Feb and Sun 5th Feb.

This training is open to anyone over 17, and does exactly what it says on the tin-Enhances Your Life beyond what you imagine is possible- check out the testimonials on the website

Occupational First Aid is a must for everyone, if you would like to join our 3 day training on Wed 11th, Thur 12th and Fri 13th Jan, please get in touch or 061-381947 as places are limited.


Chakra Matrix will run on Thur 26th Jan 2-5pm- again this is open to anyone interested in learning more about the Chakra system.

Hopi Candle Wed 1st Feb-open to all

Indian Head Massage is a 3 day training again open to all-Wed 8th, Thur 9th and Fri 10th Feb

Reiki Level 1 & 2-ongoing- we are happy to discuss our many options.

After March Mid-term we have another exciting line-up-

Understanding Self-Harm, Shirodhara, Hot Stone Massage, Yoga, Herbal Remedies, Menopause Myth or Reality, Intro to Homeopathy, The Truth About Cancer, so please do get in touch if you are interested in any of our trainings.


My latest book is now available from Hay House- Balboa press- also on Amazon, Book Depository etc- Stress Free Solutions to Becoming Stress Free.  The E-version is also available for download (and is much cheaper!).


It has been a very exciting and productive year as we have created our new Programs for National and Second Level Schools- Neuro-Activation Therapy for Education.  The success has been nothing short of inspirational, and we look forward to rolling the program out to more schools in the New Year.


We are very grateful that our Corporate and Conferencing Programs are flourishing, a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you.

This year’s full time students are embracing their new careers and case studies with remarkable results and feedback, well done and a massive thank you to our talented and dedicated tutor’s and directors.

A huge thank you to all of my Private and on-line clients around the world, you may never know the Joy that it gives me to assist you, you are the reason that I looooove my work!

Wishing all of you a tremendously peaceful and Joyful Christmas, and every success, health and happiness in 2017, love and light Anna

My Oh My!

As the many ancient predictions come to pass, we find ourselves in a wonderful time of Awakening.It is so exciting to witness, as the majority of us, raise our view beyond the routine of daily life.
Change is challenging certainly, but fueled with courage, then we can face up this challenge enthusiastically.
The alternative is to continue on our current path, one that is causing destruction to our environment, countries, societies and family life. We have the power the change, but we must embrace that power. Change is happening, but to use our power to direct the change, we must pause our daily routine long enough to focus on what our priorities are.
In many ways it has never been easier- thanks to the internet we can create, investigate, inspire and instigate change from the comfort of our sofas!
The question is “what kind of a world do I wish my children and grandchildren to inherit?”

Prepare by investigating for yourself what is going on- don’t just accept someone else’s view. Follow your own conscience and you will never go wrong, and you will rest knowing that you have always done what YOU believed in your heart was best.
Ill bet you too have been feeling this change!
What unusual experiences have you had in recent weeks?
Perhaps your heart has been touched more than usual?
Are you finding yourself more empathy towards the plight of others?
Feeling the need to connect with others?
An urge to embrace events in your community?
Are issues in your life that you have been brushing under the carpet suddenly demanding your attention?
All of these are indicators of this awakening. We are returning to our core values of Empathy, Joy, Love, and Connection with others.
As we raise to these higher vibrations, systems that are based on the lower frequencies of dishonesty, fear, control, discrimination, will naturally begin to fall. As systems begin to collapse, it is vital that we keep our focus on the higher states of being, train your mind to view a picture of the world you wish to live in, and resist the old habit of creating fearful pictures of what you do not wish to create.
This is where the practice of Meditation, Reiki or Prayer are wonderful tools, as they train us to focus on the positive, thus maintaining an internal positive state of mind, and inoculating us against fear.
If you would like to spend more time in a positive nurturing environment, perhaps consider joining us for some of our courses-which are open to all-

Aromatherapy Introduction- Starts this Wed 9th Nov
Diet and Nutrition-starts this Thur 10th Nov
Reiki Level 2 – start 16th Nov
Occupational First Aid- Jan 11th/12th/13th
Enhance Your Life is back –Feb 4th & 5th
Indian Head Massage-Wed 8th/9th/10th Feb

Places are limited so if you are thinking of joining us, to avoid disappointment please get in touch asap- or 061-381947.

NOW- Is THE Time to Fulfill your Life Purpose

Have you noticed how you are being nudged or indeed strongly pushed to ask this question of yourself recently?  That is because the time has arrived for all of us to get consciously on our “souls journey”. Do you find yourself asking “what’s it all about?”, “surely there is more to life…” “is this what I was meant to do every day?”  …………….

If you are asking these questions then you know that you are not on the correct path, and some adjustments are required.

Yes, change is scary!  But I can assure you the rewards of living a purposeful life are beyond measure.

It is so exciting to witness this “waking up”, and indeed to be in a position to facilitate this change process for so many people.  In my opinion this dilemma is THE major contributing factor for the rise in the sufferers of anxiety/panic attack/stress that I work with in my clinic every day, or via my online program. The fact that the on-line progam is currently in use in over 70 countries is a global indicator of this pandemic!

Indeed a large proportion of the private clients who present at my clinic, are very often “closet healers”, and it is a dream come through to be able to assist some of them in embracing their true calling, via the only Holistic Centre of Excellence in Ireland.

If you are finding yourself struggling at the moment, please do not hesitate to get in touch-it is my Life’s Purpose to help!

Back to School- Wed 27th Sept is our return date, and we are delighted to announce that our training will run on consecutive days ( Wed & Thur) this year, which will facilitate our students who have to travel to Murroe to join us.  We are the only college in Ireland offering the unique Holistic Therapist Diploma, covering 12 qualifications and over 30 introduction courses in one year.  We are able to deliver this intensive program by maintaining small classes taught by very passionate and dedicated tutors.  For those who want to delve further, we also offer the Holistic Therapy Teacher Training Program.  Numbers are limited so please do get in touch as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

For full listing visit

This is a sample of some of our courses. Most modules can also be taken as part-time courses-again contact us for info-
Anatomy & Physiology– Wed 6-9pm

Reflexology   Thur 6-9pm

Holistic Massage Thursdays 3hr

Diet & Nutrition-Introduction x Thurs x 6 weeks

ICNM BARCELONA– thanks to all of you who sent your good wishes to me for this international conference in July.  It was a tremendous success, and such a privilege to present to 600 Doctors and Professors.  The feedback from delegates was a welcome endorsement of our work.  Indeed it was with pride that I was able to share our work at the Holistic Centre of Excellence to an International Audience, their re-enforcement of our uniqueness in the market, and strong interest, was a delight to receive.  Yet, again it proved that our Profession is rising in recognition for it’s extremely valuable contribution to a new Healthcare system, based in wellness.


The tide is turning, and I would urge any of you who have been toying with the idea of working in this field to take action now.  It is THE most empowering career- what other profession, needs no set location, no power supply, no tools, yet allows one to set their own work routine, AND you get to help others improve their lives as a direct result? As a therapist, I can show up anywhere, deliver a treatment without equipment, create my own work routine, facilitate personal growth for anyone, AND I get paid for it!!!!!  That is my definition of fulfilling a life’s purpose!

Did you get that- I LOOOOVE my work.

Till next time,  wishing you every success in fulfilling your dreams, Anna

Ops! Sorry for the Neglect!

I cannot believe how the time has flown, since I last posted here- it is such an incredibly exciting time, particularly for those of us working at the cutting edge of energy medicine.  It is so very rewarding to witness the harvesting of twenty years of passionate dedication.  The exhilaration of hearing words like- awakening, holistic, energy medicine, being used (albeit incorrectly sometimes!) in main stream conversations is a joy to those of us who have championed-often in what seemed like a wildness-to bring this life-transforming knowledge into the public arena.

It is such a privilege for my team and myself, to be in the unique position of providing the highest level of education in the field of Holistic Healthcare in Ireland, for the people who are now stepping up to follow their true life calling.  Registration for our trainings has never been as brisk, and with this in mind, if you are considering our Holistic Therapist Diploma course, please get in touch as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.  It is the most comprehensive training of it’s kind, and because of the intensity of knowledge that our passionate tutors share, our class sizes are small.

For bookings before 10th June we are offering to hold the price at the 2010 level of €6995.  For details on the amazingly comprehensive range of modalities covered in our Holistic Therapist Diploma course visit or contact


REIKI LEVEL 2 will run on Sat & Sun 11th /12th June and again there are only a few places remaining, so please get in touch asap.  061-381947.

Reiki is one of the few therapies that anyone can qualify to work as a therapist with, without needing a separate qualification in Anatomy & Physiology. So it is THE BEST starting point, for anyone considering a career in the filed of Holistic Healthcare.  It also happens that, although I have taken over 70 training’s down through the years, Reiki remains my unrivaled favorite.  I truly believe that if everyone had Reiki 1 (whereby you work just on your own energy field), we can create the world that we all desire for ourselves and our future generations.
Barcelona 2016- how fantastic that I get to combine work with my passion for travel.  I am delighted to have been invited to speak that the International Naturopathic Conference this July in beautiful Barcelona.  I will be delivering a presentation on Solving Anxiety- The Underlying Cause of All Illness.  If any of you would like to increase your knowledge and attend this wonderful three day event check out

New Book- The publication of my latest book is in it final stages, and I am absolutely thrilled to be working under the umbrella of Hay House, who will distribute it world-wide.  There will be very little relaxing in our promised heat wave for me this Summer!

Master Enhance Your Life Program- The final touches are being applied to an exciting new addition to our long list of training’s.  This one year stand alone training is for individuals from all backgrounds.  The only pre-requisite is a desire to

Enhance Your Life and expand your consciousness in order that you can live your best life ever.  This training will be led by myself and will include the personal application of vast knowledge and experience gathered over a period of 20 years.  Pre-registration is now open.  I will be in touch will final details over the next couple of weeks.

Well done to this year’s students who have just completed their final examinations, all of your hard work, will prove to be the best gift you have ever given yourself.  As the saying goes- when you spend your time indulging in your passion, you will never work a day in your life.

This has certainly been my experience as I looooove my job!!!!

I promise not to be away so long until next time, wishing you and yours a spectacular summer filled with Love, Light and Laughter. Anna

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