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As Deepak Chopra says, miracles happen every day- when we see shooting stars they seem magical, but the streak across the sky all the time, we just don’t notice them in the sunlight, and just like shooting stars- miracles streak across our consciousness every day. Miracles or synchronicities (synchronised coincidences), are happening in our lives many times each day, but we are so busy we usually only notice the big ones. If you have seen the movie sliding doors, this really emphasises how the little coincidences/choices we make, in fact, chart our destiny.
Let me share a recent personal experience with you-my husband recently decided to open a new restaurant and I was drafted in to help with interior design. This premises has spectacular views over the river Shannon, so I really wanted to use a nautical theme for the restaurant. I also think that every business should have what I call a “heart beat”, mission or higher purpose.

Somehow I felt there should be an old boat in the restaurant, so when Peter happened to met someone who told him that there was a boat building factory in town, he went there and discovered that this charity organisation were teaching people how to build boats called Gandelows that were unique to the Shannon, to preserve this dying tradition. This group are also passionate about promoting the use of the Shannon for boat racing and teaching families how to sail-thus breathing life back into our struggling city. Hey presto-we had a “heart beat” or mission.
The decor was then miraculously sorted out by the guy who runs the charity-who just happens to also be a very talented graphic designer, as he offered lots of Gandelow and historical Limerick memorabilia- which is in line with his passion for preserving this heritage-in fact he had already published a book on the subject that the restaurant customers can peruse! All of this a mere co- incidence- I think not!
And if this wasn’t enough of a “miracle”-there is a poster which had been designed earlier this year to promote Gandelow racing in the city-long before the idea of the restaurant ever emerged, on this poster is a picture of three men rowing the Gandelow, and the first guy is the absolute image of my husband!!!! (you can view it on the Gandelows face book page)
These synchronicities are so obvious that we couldn’t miss them- of course the ultimate goal is to notice even the tiniest synchronicities, and then we can consciously notice our everyday miracles.
Apart from miracles what else has been going on? Well, we just enjoyed another weekend of inspiration from the very talented Alessandra Betti, who once again flew in from Milan to lead the Enhance Your Life training. 44444 to all of you who attended, and don’t forget that once you have paid the 350 to attend, you can attend as often as you like for free.
We are running our very successful Indian Head Massage course over three days starting Fri 29th Nov, at our school on the grounds of Glenstal Abbey. We still have a couple of places left so please let us know if you would like to learn this wonderful skill, and it is not just for therapists, we have many students who just wish to use it for their family and friends. It is the best de-stressor that can be used anywhere-as it is performed traditionally, fully clothed, sitting in a chair.
Our one day Hopi candle training will run on Dec 12th and again this is open to all.
Remember that all our HCE trainings are certified for cpd points.
Our very successful panic and anxiety solution training will be running soon, so please register if you are interested. This solution will teach anyone how to end a panic attack or anxiety attack in less than three seconds-guaranteed, so please spread the word-and help us to end this epidemic. Or if you would rather learn it privately just call 061 381947 to book.
In other news-we are very excited to officially announce soon, the launch of our exclusive Five Star Holistic retreat, for April 2014-we are anticipating mostly USA visitors, but there will be a few places available for some Irish residents. Ill keep you posted.
And with two other exciting projects in the pipeline, there is no rest for the wicked!!
Good job I love my job
Wishing you lots of love and light

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