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Mid-term Break!!!

Well, maybe for the kids-Im very happy to say that there’s no time for holidays for me at the moment, it’s such an exciting time to work in this field. The buzz each client brings is addictive! Some of the wow’s from last week, a client with an itchy rash for 6 months, itch gone after 1 treament, another with mystery allergies -symptoms gone, another with specific anxiety-gone.
Did I ever say how much I love my job!!!
Naturally there’s other work to done with our courses coming up-Indian Head, Hot Stone, Hopi, so that’ll keep me quiet for a while-although maybe not!
There’s five more projects that Im very excited about but I’ll have to contain myself until they’re finalised before I can share them with you-so literally watch this space!
The Holistic Expo is running again next year in Murroe the weekend of the 12th February, those who had stands last year are already invited and there may be space for one or two more, so if you are interested please let us know as soon as possible. It was very well attended, the 14 theapists did 140+ treatments in 4 hrs!
We have time for just one more evening educational talk this side of Christmas-oh yes that countdown again! So if you have a group you would like us to talk to please let us know-this is a free service, where we educate people about what holisitc therapy means, and what the different types are-maybe you want to host a holistic party-go on start a new trend!! Trust me this is
THE growth market-Energy Medicine.
Happy Trick or Treating watch out for those witches!!!!!!

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