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May 21st 2013

Exam Time
That time of year again, and the sun will surely shine as our students are stuck in exam halls. It’s that final cramming and pulling together of all the knowledge that they have amassed over the year. Congrats to our students who completed their practical exams last week, each of you did yourselves and HCE proud. Wishing each of you the very best of luck for 6 theory papers next week-you are so well prepared it’ll be a breeze to you. The key now is to reduce the stress levels at this point-that stress was important as a motivator to pay attention and learn, but examinations really only test your recall ability, so relaxation is the name of the game at this point. Actually a lot of my private clients are leaving certificate students, whose parents are anxious about them not sleeping etc, the energy therapies are excellent at achieving that, and there are techniques that I teach the students to aid their recall ability, if they have paid attention in classes, the information and knowledge is already stored in their memory bank, so it’s learning to recall that is the process most needed at this stage.

Thank you to Fiona McDevitt and Deirdre Kennedy for an excellent class on Cranio Sacral therapy. Deirdre has a particular infinity with Equine Therapy, and she is happy for me to announce that the inaugural Conference of “The Equine Facilitated Education Therapy Association” will be held on Fri & Sat 24th & 25th May at Festina Lente, in Bray for further details contact

For those of you looking to treat yourselves to a special day, I would highly recommend Heart-matters workshop with Fanny Howe (acclaimed USA poet) and Noirin Ni Riain Phd, it will run on June 8th at the wonderful Glenstal Abbey, to book contact

We are once again looking forward to delivering our Outreach program on Pink Ribbon Day at Kilaloe on Sunday 9th June, it was a fantastic event last year, and Im sure it will be a tremendous success again this year, the setting is perfect and creates a carnival atmosphere. Ill leave the running to the others and stay well within my comfort zone of providing treatments to those who can run!!

I love my job, but I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my nearest and dearest soon as we head off on a well deserved holiday. Email will be the most efficient form of contact over the summer, as the office will only me staffed sporadically-the wonder of computers means that we can mobilise ourselves when the sun shines!!!

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