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Thank you to all those who attend our last Open Night, and because so many of you contacted us, to say that you had missed it, we are delighted to invite you to our next Open Morning on Wed 21st May at our college on the Grounds of Glenstal Abbey, in Murroe, Co Limerick. It is always a very informative and social event, where anyone who is interested in the field of Holistic Healthcare is more than welcome. If you would like to attend just let me know before 19th May.
Exam Time
A busy time for all of us as we prepare our students for their final exams, hard to believe that our third year of graduates are completing their studies. Time certainly isn’t what it used to be!
Parents-for those of you with exam students at home, I simply must share with you the benefit of energy treatments for exam performance. There are many testimonials from private clients of mine, both the parents and students, confirming the radial change that the session makes for all of them. When students are too anxious this seriously affects their exam performance, not to mention their appetite, sleep pattern, and creates irritable mood swings. Just one session had a profound effect in reducing their anxiety. Please help me spread the word on this one, this suffering is unnecessary, and not treatable with conventional medicine. If you would like to learn more please do not hesitate to contact me either or 061-381947
Mental Health
I would like to share a few words with you about the great media coverage that Mental Health issues are currently getting. Raising awareness of the mental health problem is incredibly important, and I would like to shine a light on the SOLUTION. While we are focused on the problem, we are missing the discussion about the solution. We have access to proven solutions, and we are more than willing to share these with individuals or groups-as we do on a regular basis via our Outreach. So please if you would like to help highlight the solution to a group or organisation please get in touch.
Green Ribbon Day
We are happy to support Mental Health Ireland, via our Outreach program next Sunday 18th May, at the milk market 12pm to 4pm, so if you are around, please do pop in and say hello.
Reflexology for Cancer Care
Sincere thank you to Claire O’Grady for yet again sharing her wisdom with us, we look forward to having you with us again in the near future.
Limerick Lifelong Learning
Thank you to all those who we had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with in Downtown LIT, thank your for your superb feedback, and we were delighted that you all got so much from your treatments.
Pink Ribbon Day
We look forward to taking care of all you runners again in Killaloe again this year, hopefully we will get the same weather as last year, and we can provide our energy treatments in the ideal location under the trees!
There has never been a more exciting time to share the knowledge of this field with so many,
Oh, I do so looove my work!
Till next time, I wish you love & light

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