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Sincere apologies for not being in touch since September, I really think time is moving at a faster pace these days. Yet, on the other hand, it has been a very productive time.

Thank you to so many of you, who attended the looong party that was our book launch- the celebrations lasted four days! It was a fun project to write my first book, and I am amazed by the positive feedback and support that everyone is showing for it, so heartfelt thank you for all the good wishes.

Our students are well and truly settled into their studies, so keep up the good work and we will welcome the holidays with our Christmas party night out. All past pupils are welcome, so give me a shout if you would like to join us.

We have just confirmed the dates for our next Indian Head Massage Training program, 9th, 10th & 11th Feb. This three day training is open to everyone who would like to learn how to give a traditional Indian Head Massage, however if you would like to use it in a professional capacity, you also need to have a qualification in Anatomy & Physiology. The same is true for our Hopi Candle Training which is a one day course. Our next Hopi course will run on Sunday 12th Jan. To book a place please contact us on 061-381947 or

Dr M Griffin Forensic Psychologist will be giving a talk- “Protect Your Children Online” on Dec 9th 7pm at Crokers Murroe, Co Limerick-one not to be missed for sure.

To my international friends who are now connecting via the series of webinars, thank you for joining me, your input during the series is a fantastic contribution that helps others in the group also, so send your topics by email ahead of the webinar, to ensure that all of us get maximum value for the session. The world wide web should be called the wonderful world web, and it is a tremendous advantage allowing me to connect to so many at the same time- 20 years ago when I started on this journey-how many of us would have dreamt this was possible? And it only took a handful of people to have this dream that changed our world forever.

This is the power of human creativity-which we all have in abundance. To access this creative power, we have to use our imagination and right brain. Yet, our educational model is one that fosters left brain linear, logical thinking, which is why so many of us “grow up” and loss our creative abilities. Thankfully there are some who manage to keep their imagination active despite the education system. Day dreaming, or imagination are the tools of creativity- and this is how all new ideas and concepts are born. They begin with a thought. Thoughts therefore are responsible for the reality that we create. So it is essential that we choose these thoughts carefully- which is why I am passionate about teaching clients how to train their thoughts, so that they can create their best life ever.

With Christmas preparations now in full swing, we often get so busy that we forget to take time to focus on what really matters-looking after ourselves so that we will be calm and happy, then we can truly enjoy the special time with family, friends. The times in our lives when we don’t have time for ourselves are exactly the times when we need it most! So make time in your schedule to have a Holistic treatment in the run up to Christmas, I guarantee it will be the most valuable gift you will receive and furthermore all of your friends and family will benefit too! If you need a recommendation for a therapist in your area please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Wishing you a smooth run up to the festive season,
Ps For those of you who may overindulge in the festivities- Energy Medicine is the fastest most effective way to get rid of a hangover!
Love & Light


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