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What a hetic weekend it has been-just back from the Bodytalk European Conference in Munich, where we had updates from various speakers, re developments in science, bodytalk and the legal status of holistic medicine.
The highlight speaker for me was DR SOREN VENTEGODT, a Danish Dr, who has written over 200 scientic papers and several books, he explained to us how holistic medicine works from a scientific perspective. One of his patients he healed of lymphatic cancer without drugs, and this patient went on national tv to tell his story. His advice to all of us therapists, is
Another piece of valuable info I must share with you-is get your socks off! Seriously walk barefoot on the grass or sand, leading scientist Dr Oschman explained from a scientific perspecitive that we only absorb extra electrons from being in contact with the earth’s surface, these electrons are essential for “eating” the damaging free radicals which invade healthy tissue around inflamation sites. A lot of our inflamation diseases exist since we started wearing rubber soled shoes, as these act as insulators, whereas leather soled shoes will still conduct the electorns into our bodies-the more I learn the more I realise that our health is really very simple to maintain!!!
Meanwhile back on the ranch-we still have spaces on our Hot Stone Massage course on Nov 3rd, and the Indian Head Massage course 6th nov (3 days), so why not upgrade your skills with these modalities-on that note, Dr Oschman, stated that massage prevents cancer!
Until the next day, I wish you tonnes of Health & Happiness,
L & L Anna

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