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28th of March 2011

Beautiful Weather
Hasn’t it been the most beautiful week, daffodils blooming and waking to sunshine, roll on a warm summer!
What an inspirational talk that Barbara Max ……. Gave last week on the Birth2012 site. 15,000 people from 120 countries tuned in to hear her speak about creating a birth event, where local circles of synergy can come together to create coherence on a grand scale, using the infracture of people, resources, systems and technology, to create the world which we desire. It’s a bit like setting new years resolutions but for a new era.
They are planning a 90min broadcast for Dec 22nd 2012 which we can all participate in. The goal is for all of us to move from the illusion of separation to an awareness of connection, and once we all have an understanding of the evolution story, it will make the transition easier for all of us. Check out the if you are interested in learning more about these developments.

A big thank you to Jackie Leahy President of Castletroy Golf Club for her superb organisation of the event last week, the talk I gave on Holistic Healthcare for the 21st century was very well attended, and again I thoroughly enjoyed myself as yet again- I got to indulge in my passion-it’s like feeding an addiction!!!

We look forward this week to celebrating Women’s Day on Wednesday with the ladies in the Moyross centre and on Friday in the Ballynanty Resource Centre as part of our outreach program, thanks again to the twelve therapists who are freely giving up their time for these valuable ventures, we all recognise that what we give out comes back to us ten fold, so remember to buy your lottery tickets on the way home girls!!!!

Heard about the Atmos –water making machine-it’s new technology that takes water from the air and dispenses it for consumption. It produces alkaline, safe water, and unlike treated tap water, doesn’t come from the earth and hence doesn’t contain the many harmful components that can be found in the water table, not to mention the fact that Irish tap water still contains fluoride, despite it being out-lawed in 23 EU states! My Atmos is on order-no more carting bottled water from the supermarket and running to the bottle bank for me!!

Don’t forget to buy your tickets for the annual Lightworkers Dinner Dance-spaces are limited.

All of you who have taken the Enhance Your Life training will be looking forward to Allesandra returning, so put the 11th June in your diaries, as you know once you have paid for this training the first time you can repeat as many times as you wish for free. If you haven’t been on this two day programme I highly recommend that you do, it is my favourite training and we are always buzzing afterwards.

Plans for the launch of Holistic Centre of Excellence are moving rapidly, with our program growing daily-so fast it’s hard to keep up-but hey Im not complaining-did I mention that I LOVE my job!!1

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