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Time is Changing!

We all feel that our experience of time has altered, my perception of writing my last blog is that is was recent! (My sincere apologies for my lack of attentiveness to all of you). Many people are feeling this shift this time and it is not a figment of your imagination!

The frequency of our planet is changing dramatically.  The frequency of Earth is measured in Schumann Resonance Waves after the professor who discovered it.  It is the measurement of the atmosphere between earth surface and the Ionosphere, and all life tunes itself to this frequency. When first discovered in 1954 it measured 7.83hz Schumann Waves and remained that way until 2014, when the people measuring it noticed that it was beginning to spike- 11-14 hz.

In 2017 it peaked to 30.9hz,

Easter this year there was a peak to 90hz!

So we are literally vibrating at a higher frequency.

This is why energy treatments have never been as valuable and indeed vital for our wellbeing.  Just like when you fly- as the aircraft goes higher the pressure outside of your body changes- if you do not adjust your internal pressure to match it will cause your ears to ache.  “Popping” your ears adjusts the internal pressure to match the external pressure entering your ears.  Many people are experiencing this internal pressure increase as Anxiety/Panic Attacks, which is why Anxiety solutions MUST include Energy Treatments to be effective.  Energy sessions re-calibrate the internal energy of the body and the brain waves.

It is my passion to assist as many people as possible, and I am very blessed to access people all over the world via my on-line program. So please do not hesitate to email if you would like to know more, it is my pleasure to be of service (please be patient as there are so many queries it may take a couple of days for me to reply, but I will always do so).

Meanwhile back our Holistic Centre of Excellence, this year’s students are both sad and elated to be completing their final exams at the moment.  Congratulations to all of you for your outstanding commitment to learn so many skills that will allow you to contribute to making our world a healthier place for all of us.  A massive thank-you to our dedicated, passionate tutors and directors, our students are so very privileged to learn from your incredible expertise.  I encourage those of you who are being guided to your vocation of working in Holistic Healthcare to visit us and get a first hand experience of how blessed we have been at Holistic Centre of Excellence, our syllabus, location, and dedicated team are unmatched in Ireland.

Our Holistic Therapist Diploma is unique and we do not take more than 16 students, so early booking is essential for our next training which starts in September 17 and finishes May 18.


REIKI LEVEL 2– our next training will take place on Tue/ Wed 20th/21st June, pre-requisite is Reiki level 1, for more information please email 061-381947.


We are living in the most exhilarating time of positive change on our planet, and while change is challenging it is essential if we are to replace old out-dated ways of thinking and living.  My research indicates that we are heading very quickly in the right direction of creating a magnificent world that our grandchildren will be blessed to enjoy.  So roll up your sleeves, pull yourself away from the self- hypnosis box that is your tv/computer, and let’s get cracking!


I absolutely looooooove my work, and if you would like any information about any of the ideas I have shared here please do not hesitate to get in touch- email is best!


Wishing you infinite love, light and wisdom, Anna


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