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Open Morning Invitation

This week we are holding an Open morning for anyone who would like to visit our college on the beautiful grounds of Glenstal Abbey, from 10.30-12pm. It is a very social and informative event, when our graduates, directors and students get the opportunity to share our passion for this fantastic field of Energy Medicine. If you would like to join us please email .

Well done and a massive thank you to all who attended our recent Mind ur Health Exhibition. A big thank you also to Irish tv .ie for making an entire program about it, to view click this link-

This tv channel is available on Sky- 191 which makes it available to 15 million viewers in Irl & UK. It will soon also be on Saorview and via cable in the USA. It is another super example of how communities can connect together, by screening a community based program from each of the 32 counties each week. It is especially important for our millions of Emigrants, as a way for them to stay connected to their birthplace.

Connecting to our community is vital to our health and wellbeing, and there is lots of research to show that people who are disconnected are much more susceptible to illness.

Such as the article by Dan Buettner in the New York Times in Oct 12, when he describes a Greek island community who live considerably longer than the norm elsewhere, he concludes that their secret is a complex amalgam of social supports, contentment, diet and purpose in life. He interviewed Stomatis Moraitis, who emigrated to the US in 1943 and lived there until 1976, when he was diagnosed with lung cancer and given 9 months to live. He returned to live his remaining months in Ikaria. Moraitis spent the first few months mainly in bed, tended by his wife. His Ikarian friends heard he was home and started to visit him every afternoon, talking and laughing for hours over a bottle or two of local wine. Moraitis gradually recovered his strength, started to plant vegetables in his garden, enjoyed the sun and sea air and reconnected with the faith of his youth. The months passed and Moraitis did not die, he eased into the island routine, of long lunches and afternoon naps, playing dominoes at the local bar past midnight. Today, 38 years later he is 99 years old and cancer free. He never went through chemotherapy or took any drugs.

He simply moved home to Ikaria. Many factors mutually enhance each other in promoting Ikarian longevity, people get plenty of rest, and they live in an interconnected web of community and never feel alone.

Thankfully there is a very obvious awakening to this in Ireland at the moment, and I believe that we are truly blessed here, as a small country we have the ability to connect easily. The recent surge of community based projects such as the Tidy Limerick County one, which saw over 10,000 volunteers take to their streets to tidy up together on this past Good Friday, are invaluable to reconnect us in a tangible, emotional, old-fashioned and vital way. This person to person contact is essential to our health, and in these times of “virtual connection”, it has never been as urgent.

So congratulations to all of you who are investing time in your local communities, history will tell the story of how vital it was.

Best of luck to this year’s Holistic Centre of Excellence students who are about to start their final examinations- you are nearly there- keep up the great work.

It is a privilege to assist you in finding your true life’s purpose, which is one of the reasons why I loooove my work, till next time, wishing all of you,

Lots of love, light and laughter. Anna

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