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60 Second Panic Solutions Methods to help cures and stop Panic attacks in 60 seconds  Link to Purchase site
Reiki Self Heal Meditation 54 Minutes meditation in 12 sections to heal yourself
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Happiness Meditation Happiness can only be experienced when we are relaxed, this audio teaches you how to relax in just 12 minutes. For our busy lifestyles this
is the perfect, fast way re-boot your mind/body/spirit, as often as you wish throughout the day.
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Deep sleep audio Use this audio track to get to sleep quickly, effortlessly and soundly. Make Yourself comfortable and get ready to sleep.
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This series of Meditations are perfect for the first time mediator, they are specifically designed for today’s hectic lifestyle. Each Audio is purposely no more than 15 minutes which allows you to take a short break in your busy schedule to re-charge your batteries. The age old tradition of meditation has never been as necessary, as our minds are constantly bombarded by information overload. Listening to these Audios, will give your mind a powerful break from this overload, while simultaneously teaching you to use your mind efficiently to achieve your hearts desires. I wish you many peaceful and magically moments,
L& L Anna

Meditation to Open Pathway to Achieving your Dreams This audio assists you to the realization that you truly deserve the very best that life has to offer, this will remove blocks that has thus far prevented you from achieving your dreams. Happy manifesting.
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Meditation for Teenagers Specifically designed for today’s young people who have to contend with more electronic interference than any other generation. This audio is a fast and fun way to take control of your mind, and gives you a window into understanding the power of your mind, and the wonderful benefits of learning to be in the present moment.
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Meditation for the Perfect Body The one thing that weight loss programs invariably leave out is the impact of the beliefs that we have about our bodies. This is key, all the dieting in the world will only have a temporary effect if we do not change the underlying beliefs that created the issue in the first place. This short audio will transform how you feel about the body you are wearing! This then creates the perfect soil to grow the body you wish for
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Mediation for People Who Do Too Much Almost everyone in today’s world could sign up for this category! This audio is cleverly designed, to reduce the stress level that accompanies a busy lifestyle. By changing how we process information internally, we become more productive but less stressed. A must for everyone today!
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Meditation to End Constant Worry Worry is without a doubt, the most useless activity that our minds engage in. It robs you of today, as it brings you into the past or the future. If you are not in the present moment you cannot feel Joy-which is what we all ultimately desire. This audio will simply yet profoundly teach you not to worry. Imagine a life free of worry-it can be yours, you can absolutely train your mind not to worry. So go ahead a give yourself the ultimate peace of mind gift.
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About Me

Founder & CEO Holistic Centre of Excellence,
Founder Holistic Retreats Ireland ,
Creator of global on-line Panic Attack Solution,
Creator of Mind ur Health Exhibition ,
CEO HCE Outreach,
Advisory Panel Member of ARCHTI ,
Private Clinic since 1998 ,
Public Lecturer,

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