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A New Paradigm

My Oh My!

As the many ancient predictions come to pass, we find ourselves in a wonderful time of Awakening.It is so exciting to witness, as the majority of us, raise our view beyond the routine of daily life.
Change is challenging certainly, but fueled with courage, then we can face up this challenge enthusiastically.
The alternative is to continue on our current path, one that is causing destruction to our environment, countries, societies and family life. We have the power the change, but we must embrace that power. Change is happening, but to use our power to direct the change, we must pause our daily routine long enough to focus on what our priorities are.
In many ways it has never been easier- thanks to the internet we can create, investigate, inspire and instigate change from the comfort of our sofas!
The question is “what kind of a world do I wish my children and grandchildren to inherit?”

Prepare by investigating for yourself what is going on- don’t just accept someone else’s view. Follow your own conscience and you will never go wrong, and you will rest knowing that you have always done what YOU believed in your heart was best.
Ill bet you too have been feeling this change!
What unusual experiences have you had in recent weeks?
Perhaps your heart has been touched more than usual?
Are you finding yourself more empathy towards the plight of others?
Feeling the need to connect with others?
An urge to embrace events in your community?
Are issues in your life that you have been brushing under the carpet suddenly demanding your attention?
All of these are indicators of this awakening. We are returning to our core values of Empathy, Joy, Love, and Connection with others.
As we raise to these higher vibrations, systems that are based on the lower frequencies of dishonesty, fear, control, discrimination, will naturally begin to fall. As systems begin to collapse, it is vital that we keep our focus on the higher states of being, train your mind to view a picture of the world you wish to live in, and resist the old habit of creating fearful pictures of what you do not wish to create.
This is where the practice of Meditation, Reiki or Prayer are wonderful tools, as they train us to focus on the positive, thus maintaining an internal positive state of mind, and inoculating us against fear.
If you would like to spend more time in a positive nurturing environment, perhaps consider joining us for some of our courses-which are open to all-

Aromatherapy Introduction- Starts this Wed 9th Nov
Diet and Nutrition-starts this Thur 10th Nov
Reiki Level 2 – start 16th Nov
Occupational First Aid- Jan 11th/12th/13th
Enhance Your Life is back –Feb 4th & 5th
Indian Head Massage-Wed 8th/9th/10th Feb

Places are limited so if you are thinking of joining us, to avoid disappointment please get in touch asap- or 061-381947.

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