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A New Paradigm

Hibernation is Over!

Usually this is the time when the animals are getting ready for their winter hibernation, but for us, our lifelong hibernation is over!
We are finally waking up- it is such an exciting time to be on earth, and an enormous privilege to be actively working and assisting people with their process.
It is so obvious now, that we can no longer ignore it- take a look around you- have you noticed how institutions, relationships, and systems that are past their sell by date- are crumbling?
Have you experienced the dramatic change in some of your long-term relationships? Either they are dissolving or they are moving to a deeper level of connection.

This shift is very obvious externally in the world around us, but it is also happening at an internal level, personal to each of us also.
Long held beliefs are changing, ideas about the way the world should be are changing, old emotions are arising, causing inner turbulence, stress is a global epidemic.
In my experience this “awakening” is a major contributor to the rapid rise in stress levels.

What is the best way to navigate these changing times?
Learn how to remain calm, work on expanding your consciousness, learn how your mind actually works- and what is the fastest, easiest and most painless way to do that?
Energy Medicine and Personal Growth
Which is why I have sponsored the Enhance Your Life Training Program for over 12 years, this weekend program is the easiest, fastest and most fun way to raise your awareness about yourself.
Once you have completed it once, you can repeat the program as often as you wish for free. Alessandra Betti from Milan will lead the next training on Nov 7th & 8th, I guarantee all participants will be singing & dancing with joy by the Sunday evening AND you will have supported yourself in one of the best possible ways during these interesting times.
To check out testimonials of past-participants click

Energy Medicine comes in many forms, my absolute personal favourite is Reiki, as this is the only therapy that one can do on one’s self.
I would recommend that if you are finding this awakening challenging, book three energy sessions over a three week period, and invest in a personal growth program, this will make the transition much easier. If you would like me to recommend a therapist in your area, please let me know-

The great news is that this shift in consciousness is allowing us to improve our lives and the planet beyond anything we could have imagined, exciting times indeed!
It may not feel like that, as we sail through these stormy seas, but the calm that is at the other side of the storm, will be well worth the journey.

The ICNM- 3rd International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine is being held in Barcelona next July, and I am delighted to be an invited guest speaker- the title of my presentation- “Stress the underlying cause of all illness”- however I look forward to a few stressless days in the Barcelona sunshine!! If any of you would like to join me check out this link

Our next Indian Head Massage Training course will run on Friday 20th, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of November, if you would like to attend this intensive, rewarding training please contact

In my clinic lately I have seen many little one’s and Mom’s as starting school for the first time, often proves to be quite traumatic for both of them, the good news is that one session usually sorts it out- so please don’t let the suffering go on, I will be happy to offer advise 061-381947.
When I begin my day as I did today with a text from another relieved Mom, is reminds me – how much I loooove my work?
Till next time, wishing you love, light and laughter. Anna

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