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Harvest Time

What an appropriate time for projects to come to fruition. This year was very creative, and it was very exciting to complete two major projects.
The first is particularly exciting, because it allows me to share my work with an infinite number of clients throughout the world, helping people to overcome the epidemic that is Panic Attacks and Anxiety. We are already in 110 countries around the world, and I don’t even have to leave home-how cool is that? It is the materialisation of a vision/goal that I had many years ago- again proving the law of attraction, in the true sense of it. Be inspired, work with integrity, honour your values, and the universe will support you.
If you know of someone suffering from anxiety of any level, please pass on this link to them, and together lets make lives better.

The second project was creative and fun, and gave me an opportunity to record the story of our life for our children. In October my book –Claw- will be published, and it was a labour of love, but much more love than labour, it was like getting to play, as I wrote my first book, which is my husband’s biography. The process was a piece of cake, in fact, it was quite like baking a massive cake, and better still the editors came in and did the washing up, occasionally they put a pot or pan back in a wrong drawer, but they were willing and very able to put it back into the right drawer, and I was left with a fun cake, and a clean kitchen!

On the College front, we had THE most magnificent Graduation Event last week, International speaker Catherine McGeachy educated us with the science and latest research that categorically proves that Energy Medicine is the way to go, and she kept us captivated throughout. International singer Noirin Ni Riain led the Graduates in procession with her magical voice and music, and completely wooed us, with her artistic insights-only for the mascara, I would have let the tears flow-it was spectacular, and we are so honoured and humbled to be supported by such calibre of expert. A big thank you also to Jane Crabtree from the Royal College of the Blind in London who made the journey over with her husband Tony to celebrate with us.
Well done again to the Graduates of 2014, you have a lifetime of fulfilling work and passion ahead of you.

If you wish to register for any of this year’s programs starting later this month, please let us know as soon as possible as places are filling up fast.
or 061-381947

Connecting with Angels will run on the weekend of Sept 13/14 and will be led by one of our Directors AnnMarie Butler, it will prove to be a great gift to anyone who attends. To register you can contact AnnMarie-

Alessandra Betti will be back with us in October 18/19, if any of you wish to repeat please let me know, and for those of you wishing to Enhance Your Life, I cannot recommend this weekend enough, it is truly magical.

I was sent a lovely message from one of my international clients as a thank you today, and I recommend you should view it, it explains everything that we innately know to be true, and will warm the cockles of your heart! – I loooove this work! love & light Anna

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