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Gregg Braden

Wow, what a great seminar!
                     In 3 hrs Gregg gave us a comprehensive scientific overview of where the world is going! Did you know that the magnetic field of earth peaked dramatically at 9.15 on the morning of 9/11? Satallite pictures chart that when large numbers of humans have an emotional experience the magnetic field of the world changes-isnt that amazing? It also peaked when Princess Diana died, during superbowl!! etc.. This is very exciting news because it means we can effect huge changes on earth if we come together on a heart level (emotional level).
             The Heartmath inst in the US have a global coherance programme running to enable each and evey one of us to make a difference from the comfort of your own home!!
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            Gregg’s new book The Secret of 2012 and a new world age, will explain all. Bascially we are coming to the end of a world age-NOT to the end of the world-this is a very important distinction, as there is a lot of fearful predicitions abounding about what will happen on 21.12.2012. This change has been in progress since 1980, so must of the change has already happened! This change involves the dissolution of old structures that were not based on good value systems, you are clearly witnessing this currently, just turn on the news!

It’s all about moving from fear to trust, appreciation, love. We have been programmed to be driven by fear-most of our decisions/actions are motivated by fear-fear of lack, fear of damnation, fear of attack, fear of not being good enough etc……this was NEVER meant to be our natural state, but the penduilum is swinging which makes this a really exciting time for all of us, as we move into an era based on love and trust-bring it on!!!
If you have any questions please send an email and Ill get back to you.

         Meanwhile Im off to Munich to the International Bodytalk Conference this weekend-do you think Ill look good in Lederhosen?
          Congrats to the Reiki Masters on your graduation-here’s to lighting up the world!
          A big thanks to those of you who came to the Bodytalk lecture last Saturday, it was great to meet all of you.

            Our Indian Head Massage (3 day), Hot Stone (1 day), and Hopi candle (1 day) are starting next month, so if you are interested  in increasing your skills, make sure to sign up.
                    Allesandra is back in town on Nov 13th so those of you who already took Enhance Your Life anytime over the past 8 yrs are welcome to rejoin this wonderful weekend programme for just €50. Those who havent done this life-changing course should have a look at the testimonials on our web-page, it is an exhillerating weekend and I cant wait to do it again!
                   Talk to you again next week when I have loads of news from Germany-and maybe even a pic of the Lederhosen!!!

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