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Figured out what your goals are for this Winter?

Hi guys, have you made your plans for the long dark nights yet? How about you take a training course, have a look at our list on the web page We just finished a social media training day with Damien Mulley last Thursday-wow-we never realised the potential of all this new technology, and we were exhausted after the day, so much to do-so little time!!
On that note how about you take a day off for a field trip with us? We are going to see Gregg Braden in Dublin on Tue 9th Oct, a group of us are hiring a bus and leaving Limerick at 12pm, stopping at Avoca for lunch, on to DunLaoighre for Gregg, then a bite to eat and back to Limerick that night. We always have a great laugh on these inspiring day’s out, so if you are interested please give the office a shout 061-381947.
All of you who took the Enhance Your Life training over the past years are welcome to re-join the next training on Nov 13th & 14th in Limerick for a nominal fee, which will be waived if you bring 2 friends, remember the fun and inspiration you felt after it? Maybe now is a good time to check in with yourself, have a look at the goals you set for yourself at that time and realise how many of them you have achieved!!!
I havent read anything new in the past two weeks-been spending my spare time!! studying the PaRama course-keeps me off the streets!!!
Talk to you again soon L & L

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