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Make the most of these less hectic summer days, by daydreaming wisely. The extra freedom that we have during the summer time can be put to great use for planning our futures. As you relax, allow your mind to drift in a way that will benefit you in planning a future that will give you the freedom to relax not just during holiday seasons, but to create a lifestyle that will allow you more relaxation time throughout the entire year.

Take a look at your regular schedule from this detached perspective, make a list of the “non-essential” time consuming activities that fill your busy days. Ask yourself- is this really necessary, or is it just a habit you have created? Make a deal with yourself that you will “de-clutter” some of the activities that no longer serve you. I have always found it intriguing that even though we have more support from electronic equipment than we ever have had; our lives have still become busier.

For example my grandmother would have had to do the laundry by hand; there was no automatic washing machines. Imagine all the time that must have taken? What have we done with all the spare time that washing machines and tumble dryers have gifted us?

We are travelling like hamsters on the little hamster wheel, and we are getting faster and faster! Use this summer to get off the wheel and take a good look at where you would like to go, instead of going around in fast circles!


I am looking forward to sharing some powerful ways in which to do this when I speak at the Summer Festival in Terryglass on August 15th, perhaps I will see you there?

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Another annual favourite of mine is HCE Graduation event, this year it will be held on August 28th at 6pm in Crokers, Murroe, Co Limerick. This is always an inspiring event and again we are blessed to welcome international speaker & author Catherine McGeachy, and International singer      Noirin Ni Riain who create a magical and exceptional atmosphere for our Graduates and Guests to enjoy. We may have a limited number of places so for any of you who may like to join us, please email


I have noticed that summer seems to be my most creative time too, as the regular “have-to’s” make way for more time to enjoy the fun creative processes.

This season I have found the time to write my second book for instance.

It also gives me the break from Holistic Centre of Excellence college administration, to allow me to view it from a different perspective, and this always results in new ideas. The beauty of our Exclusive Private College is that our board of directors work so well together, and our passion so great, that we can implement these new ideas almost immediately.


Recruitment for September 2015 is brisk this year, again a testament to the increase in awareness of the value of Holistic Therapies as a profession. Our full time training will run on Tuesday and Thursday each week, 9.30 to 9pm, and one weekend every 6 weeks. Of course you can take any of our modules on a part-time basis also, to view the comprehensive list of courses go to


Just this past week, there have been positions for Holistic Therapists advertised by a Dublin Hospital, Hospice and the HSE. Again proving that this is one of the major growth industries in Ireland and indeed globally.


Speaking of Global, thank you to all the international members who have signed up to this newsletter, I trust that you are embracing the many relaxation techniques that you have learned. If you would like to contribute to sharing any thoughts, ideas or concepts about developments in your part of the world, please send them on, and I will be happy to share with our community.


As a group we have unlimited ability to assist each other, in way that can only be imagined- so get daydreaming and share some of your dreams with us,


I would love everyone to share a joy for their work in the way that I get to each day- I simply loooove my work!


Till next time, wishing you abundant daydreaming!

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