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Curious Christmas!

I suppose it should have come as no surprise that this Christmas would be different, when we consider how very unusual 2017 has been. Yet, isn’t it amazing, how we all have similar pre-conceived ideas about what Christmas should be like? It is the gap between these “programmed” expectations and our true experience that can cause such disappointment, and yet each year we revert to the old programmed expectations!!! How many times have you heard “ah there’s no Christmas spirit like there used to be”?
Perhaps, we should re-evaluate each year, and as we grow and change, our expectations should be re-aligned. I am not suggesting that we should lower our expectations, it is absolutely possible to create that much sought after Christmas Spirit of joy, love, empathy and peace. However, passively expecting it to just show up, when you finally take a moment to notice, is not how it works.
We all acknowledge that we will not find this spirit in material things, yet, we can use material items as tools to access the very feeling that we are seeking. For example, it has never been easier to play Christmas music around us using current technology, music is a simple method to create certain internal states. Taking the time to feel the gratitude for the gifts we receive and give, will help us access a high vibrational internal state.
Indeed, I would suggest that time itself is the key- for we can only experience Joy, Love, Empathy and Peace, in the present moment. Learning to make the time to be in the present moment is the ONLY way to feel Christmas Spirit, and this is not dependent on anyone, or anything other than YOU!
This year of 2017, it seems like there was a Time Famine! The year has certainly flown past. Which is why is has never been more important that each of us learns how to master our relationship with time. You can gift yourself time- by changing your routine, and consciously choosing to spend time with yourself.
For those interested in including this as a New Year’s Resolution, I will be hosting a series of Retreat Days throughout 2018. The first will be on Friday 12th Jan, 10.30-5pm.
This is a self-indulgent event that will allow you to dramatically reduce your stress levels, sinking you into a relaxed state, cocooning you in a nurturing cloak of self-healing, temporarily suspending time. Places are limited so early booking is advised, you can book by email to, or call 061-381947. Fee including lunch is 120 euro.
Another exciting addition to our range of trainings is our                                                             Neuro-Activation Therapy Program, this will run over 7 Modules, consisting of 3 x 3hr classes. This training is offered to those interested in increasing their understanding and skills in the Brain/Mind Complex. By gaining knowledge and opening the mind to expansive concepts, students will learn to discover their true potentiality. For further info contact Anna.

REIKI Trainings are more valuable than ever, in terms of self-development. Our next               Reiki Level one (which teaches you how to self-treat with Reiki) is on Tue 9th Jan 11-2pm, again to book please contact Anna, or 061-381947.

REIKI MASTER-TEACHER Training Program will start in Feb, running one class per month until Dec 2018. This is open to anyone with level 2 Reiki, and is an intensive program that will allow you to teach all levels of Reiki. Commitment to one’s self-development is a pre-requisite, as this training will elevate your consciousness exponentially. If you are considering moving to this level, please contact Anna to book an appointment to discuss all aspects of this course to ascertain if this is the right path for you.

May I take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you, who have supported me throughout 2017, as friends, clients, teachers, students, colleagues, organisations, and last, but not least, my dear family. Your patience with my long absences, slow responses to communications, is greatly appreciated, as 2017 was an incredible year of dedication to creating a better world for each of us, and I could not have played my part without each of you and your loyal support, your kind words and gestures. May the blessings you have bestowed on me be returned to you a thousand times.
2017 may have been a year of intensive work for each of us, as we shed layers of outdated, irrelevant “programming”, at all levels, personal, professional and in our relationships, but it was also the building of important foundations, that will allow the next more exciting level of development in 2018.
All indications are that 2018 will herald incredibly exciting times for all of us, so fasten your seat-belt, make sure you get the right fuel in your tank, pack in some enlightening books/courses to assist you, and choose the perfect companions to enjoy this journey with.

Wishing you and your’s infinite love, light, and wisdom,

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