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Congrats to the our Anatomy & Physiology students who “survived” their 3 hour exam last Friday, Im guessing there was lots of celebrating this weekend. Did a bit myself-felt fantastic after the 6 mastership attunements, so at the last minute put a request to the universe for 2 tics to Michael Buble, and not alone did they come up trumps but they were great seats! He is a great entertainer and had the entire Aviva stadium dancing.
Drove home afterwards so I was too tired to get to the Murroe market on Sunday morning, ordered my veg by proxy! Much better weather this week and I heard a few new interesting stalls were added, thanks for your support, and if you know of anyone who would like to join us please let Tom at Croker’s know 061-386418-and it’s free!!
Those of you who are ARCHTI members will have received their newsletter, and there are some interesting articles in the Positive Life mag that came with it-see the one re Natual sleep-a Galway co. who make to order, totally natural fibre matresses-I want one!
Read the article on Non-personal Awareness in the introduction it explains beautifully why we are getting such quick results with clients these days. It is getting so much quicker to help relieve the symptoms of many long term illnesses, very often just one session will sort out Depression, Phobias, Skin disorders, Migraine, Endocrine disorders, PMT, Allergies, Fibromyalgia, Digestive disorders, Chronic Fatigue, Insomnia-in fact the list is endless!
It really sits with my style of work to be able to help someone in one session, because as Bandler say’s -I dont see clients as a food source!!!
This Sunday we have a “charity day”, it’s a bit like an exhibition where we go to a particular group/community and we perform treatments for free, so far 8 therapists have signed up, if you would like to join us it’s Sunday 3rd Oct 2-6pm, just give me a shout. Also if you have a “marginalised” group and would like us to co-ordinate the same for you please let us know, we provide this service free of charge-we are always available to give free public lectures on all types of vibrational medicine, so dont be afraid to ask.
Here’s to another exiciting week, looking forward to some interesting new challenges with clients. Did I mention that I love my job!!!!

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