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And so it was that our 22 Graduates left the Holistic Centre of Excellence nest last week, just as our new intake are preparing for the same journey as those that went before them.

At their Graduation Event, our full house of over 100 guests, were mesmerised by the performance of International Singer Dr Noirin Ni Riain, who sang and shared words of wisdom with all of us.  We were also blessed with the inspirational keynote speech from Catherine Mc Geachy, who yet again integrated knowledge from the fields of science, medicine and holistic in a way that allows all of us to understand, the value of our work.

For those of you thinking of joining us next year, we advise that you get in touch as soon as possible, some of our trainings are already filled to capacity, for further information please contact

We will have an Open Afternoon next Saturday at 2pm, if you would like to join us at Holistic Centre of Excellence on the beautiful grounds of Glenstal Abbey please contact us or 061-381947.

It strikes me that at this time of year, we can become more aware of the circle of life and passing of time, as we watch our children grow to their next year of education, as summer ends, we muse how another year has passed.  It seems our new year is not indeed at January but in September when the new school year begins.  We measure our age or how time is passing by what stage of education we are at- starting/finishing college, our children starting/finishing school, our grandchildren starting/finishing school etc.  With those changes in the circle of life, as with any change comes a degree of uncertainty, which can result in feelings of fear and anxiety.  This anxiety can affect everyone who is impacted by the change- the 5 year old starting school, the mom who has to let go of her baby, the parents whose children are leaving home to start their own lives.

The absolute best way to deal with this type of anxiety is with Holistic Treatments, my personal favourite is  a mixture of Energy treatments with self-empowering mind training.  By using this combination, it reduces anxiety instantly, while at the same time teaches clients how to change their mind processing so they don’t re-create the anxiety after they leave the cocoon of the therapy room.  The results for children and teenagers are profound and remarkably one session is usually sufficient.  If you would like to learn more about Anxiety Solutions please do not hesitate to contact me, it is my pleasure to help as many sufferers as possible, and thankfully my on-line training program means that sufferers from over 40 countries around the world can also find freedom.

The Circle of Life is our only guarantee in this world, it will turn, whether you resist it or not! Being fearful of it will only cause us unnecessary pain and hard ship, so it is important that we learn to go with the flow of life and enjoy each day as the gift that it is.  So as our Circle clicks into its next annual rotation, I wish you all the ability to flow with the changes and infinite joy along the way,

till next time, love, light and laughter




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