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Christmas Gift of Reiki

Christmas Gift of Reiki- the Gift that keeps on Giving!
It is fantastic to see such a dramatic rise in the use of Reiki, and not before time! At last people are waking up to the realisation that everything is energy, and our Energy Field is vital to our wellbeing. The easiest, fastest, yet most profound way to manage your own energy field is with Reiki. ANYONE can learn how to do Reiki for themselves, in one 3 hour session, and it lasts a lifetime, furthermore, the more you do it the more powerful it becomes, and the healthier and more energised you will feel.
Every day our physical body picks up grime and dirt, so we shower to clean it. Your energy field also picks up grime and dirt in the form of negative energy each day- and we all need a practice that will clean this out.
Reiki will do this and more!
If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me 061-381947 or
There is a weekend Reiki 2 on Sat 19th Dec, & Sun 20th Dec for any level 1 Practitioners who want to go to the next level. There will be another starting on Tue Jan 12th over 3 weeks.

A huge thank you to Will Buckley for his fantastic work in creating our video- please have a look and let us know what you think- feel free to share it on your social media.

I trust that you are all busy getting ready for the festive season, I hope that you make opportunity to take little mini “time-outs” for yourself to centre. You can use the 12 minute meditation available on the download section of this website, this works like a re-boot for your system, and you can listen to it in a car-park, in between shops!!! Taking these mini-breaks will make the world of difference in allowing you to actually enjoy the holidays, and vitally –keep your stress levels down.
Remember all the preparations will be for nothing if you are too stressed to enjoy it!

I wish all of you a very special peaceful and love filled Christmas with your family and friends, as we look forward to a health, joyous, successful 2016.

Love & light Anna

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