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A New Paradigm


Stress Free Solutions to becoming Stress Free

This information is a 100% real solution that was developed in a real-world clinical environment. Even with low concentration levels caused by stress, you will be able to learn simple easy to use techniques that will immediately reduce your stress. The unique cartoon illustrations explain simply how the stress response works and malfunctions. The techniques have been proven effective in treating more than 7,000 long-term sufferers of panic attacks and high levels of anxiety. Anna’s methods are recommended and endorsed by Doctors, Therapists and Councilors. These methods help you return to thinking, feeling, and living life like a normal healthy person again. You’ll notice your anxiety levels come right down until you start to enjoy a deeper, more relaxed state of mind and body. If you would like to learn in a fast, fun, simple way how to optomise your Mental Health this is the book for you.


Stress Free Solutions to becoming Stress Free Stress Free Solutions to becoming Stress Free
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Founder & CEO Holistic Centre of Excellence,
Founder Holistic Retreats Ireland ,
Creator of global on-line Panic Attack Solution,
Creator of Mind ur Health Exhibition ,
CEO HCE Outreach,
Advisory Panel Member of ARCHTI ,
Private Clinic since 1998 ,
Public Lecturer,

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