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Blog September 20th 2012

Blog 20th Sept 2012

Exciting Line-Up
Our timetable is jammed with goodies this year at the Holistic Centre of Excellence. I am looking forward to joining the new addition of Chant class in October and don’t forget to put Enhance Your Life in your diary 6 & 7 October, as Alessandra Betti gets us all back on track to achieve our dreams.
The evening and weekend classes this year are proving very popular and convenient for people and we still have space on some of our modules so why not dip your toe in and get a taste of this inspiring field of energy medicine.
A big welcome to this year’s students, we are delighted to have you with us for the year, after the summer break all of our 27 tutors are re-charged are chomping at the bit to fuel their passion for teaching, and are thrilled to have such an enthusiastic group of students, we will have lots of fun together on this, your transformative year.
We have two places left on our Occupational First Aid course which is running next Tue, Wed & Thur, so if any of you therapists need it to fulfil your associations requirements you are most welcome to join us for the training.

The return to college this year was absolutely effortless, so all of last year’s hard work paid off. Clearly our reputation is speaking for itself, as despite any active advertising campaign the students that were meant to find us did-some of the synchronicities were astonishing! A clear indicator that you are on the right path, when a bunch of seemingly insignificant coincidences bring you to finding just what you had been looking for. Even if you didn’t think you knew exactly the thing you were searching for! So you new students have already passed the first test of your transformation-trusting your intuition.

Our Outreach program is back in full swing and almost full for the year-so please if you would like to avail of this service for your charity, please let us know ASAP. Thank you to Adapt house for the lovely welcome last week, and the great deserts!!

The success of our breakthrough system for Panic Attacks & Anxiety, is astonishing for our private clients, one session is all it takes! Please spread the word to anyone you know who is suffering, it is so unnecessary when the solution is so fast, and thank you to all those clients who have written such glowing testimonials, hopefully your words will inspire other sufferers, so we can eliminate this epidemic, which is crippling so many.

Ps In case you didn’t hear me-may I say-I looove my job!

Here’s to a Healthy Holistic School Year,

Love & Light to all

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