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Blog June 2nd

Blog 2nd June 2012

School’s Out!
As the first graduates of the full time program at the Holistic Centre of Excellence, leave the cocoon that was their home since last September we congratulate them on their excellent achievements throughout the year, as they start their own business with a vast array of qualifications, knowledge and experience (they have already treated over 200 clients!)
They are the first ever therapists to have received a training of this calibre, and because of this we know that they will enjoy vast success in their careers, as they embrace the work of getting this country healthy again, not just with individuals but through their commitment to community work through our Outreach Program and beyond. We are incredibly proud of each of you, and celebrate with you, as your dedication to hard work has indeed paid off.
I personally thank each of you for your glowing testimonials; it was our pleasure to be a part of this momentous change to your lives. Already we are looking forward to having you back on campus again next year for some of our post-graduate trainings.

Just because students are on holidays though, doesn’t mean the teachers are!

June is already jam packed with activities, as we deliver several more events, apart from our Corporate bookings, we look forward to our final few Outreach events, before we break for summer hols. Perhaps we will see you in the Lakeside Hotel at Killaloe after the PINK RIBBON RUN on June 16th as we give treatments to the participants. We also look forward to delivering our popular presentation and treatments to the Grow Organisation’s Retreat at Glenstal later this month.

This year’s Reiki Master Teachers are on the final leg of their one year training and as always, teaching this course is one of my greatest pleasures, so again heartfelt thanks to you for affording me the opportunity to guide you on THE most life empowering journey. The personal growth of each Mastership student is always exponential and a most exciting development to be privileged to witness in another person. Anyone interested in taking the Reiki Master Teacher Training Program next year should contact us now to arrange a preliminary meeting.

Special thank you to Bernie Carroll and the HSE for the wonderful Assist course which our students and lecturers were privileged to attend at our school in Glenstal, we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Thank you also to the many groups that we worked with during May on our Outreach and Corporate Programs and again we are humbled by your fantastic testimonials.

There has been an interesting phenomenon that I noticed in the last 18 months in my private clinic. While over the years of delivering thousands of treatments, occasionally some of these clients would clearly have an aptitude for the healing modalities, and they usually would, eventually, become therapists and/ or teachers of the Holistic field themselves. However in the last 18 months almost without exception every client I have treated has this healing vibration! Most would have no idea or ever have explored the concept, indeed it may even appear that their current profession would in fact be in direct conflict with this natural ability. Yet somehow they have arrived in my clinic by what often seems like a coincidence!!
It seems to me that the time has never been more appropriate for the proverbial closet to be opened, and this gifted people are being pushed out to do the real work that is their true life’s purpose. That is not to say that they will all become therapists in the traditional sense, however they do need to gain an understanding of firstly their own energy field and how to maximise it and then apply this “new” knowledge to their chosen sector of society. The application of energy therapy is limitless, from education, health sector, socially disadvantaged, those working with these groups, industry, sport, corporate sector, service industries, literally every individual and group will benefit massively with this knowledge, and there has never been a more crucial time, which is why I believe all these clients are showing up in my clinic and indeed even the people I seem to be connecting with through all avenues in my life seem to have this ability.

I feel an excitement akin to a child at Christmas waiting for Santa Claus to arrive, as I know we are changing our individual “worlds”- our communities, and the globe for the better as we speak, as the old gives way to a healthier, more balanced planet for all of us. The answer has always been there, we must operate all our choices from the perspective of love, compassion or joy, INSTEAD of the fear based choices, that clearly have not worked!! Again once you understand this from a scientific energetic perspective it is so obvious you’ll wonder how we all missed it!!

Perhaps now, you may be beginning to understand why I LOVE MY WORK!

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