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Blog 15th April

Dalai Lama Rocks!!
If only we could bottle his laugh, absolutely infectious. What a great way to a spend a morning, last Thur in UL was fantastic, the organisation was superb, the entertainment great and the simple wisdom spoken by the man himself, impacted on all of us. From our perspective as Holistic Centre of Excellence, it was very exciting to hear him say, 1- that Holistic is the way to go, 2-we must do scientific research into the emotional impact on our bodies 3-that compassion must be taught within education-simply through smiling, and that mindfulness should be part of the curriculum 4-that our mental health should get more consideration, all us associates felt like jumping up to shout-we teach people that, and that, and that!!! He also alluded to the changes that are already happening in that direction, which again we in the field are very aware and excited about-for sure there just won’t be enough of us therapist’s soon-and of course if you want to join THE Profession of the 21st century-look up the HCE full-time Holistic Therapist diploma.

So what else is going on? Clearly there are just not enough hours in each day, as plans for our Centre of Excellence unfold, but the buzz is great, our new website will be up and running soon, more modalities are being added to our curriculum daily, students are signing up, the associates are being very creative, and new ideas are streaming in, that’s the cool thing about having a blank canvas we get to indulge our creativity to the max- not to mention the giggles we are having along the way!! As one of our crew pointed out to me at the Dalai Lama-“I hope you are not taking inspiration for our new uniforms here!!!” I think we’ll skip on the orange/red robe! Im definitely more of high-heel fan!

Our outreach program is extremely busy with requests coming in from all quarters, we will be “in the field” at least once a week from now to mid-June- I wonder if we’ll take some holidays-only joking girls!!!

Sunday May 1st is the Kilaloe expo at the Lakeside, if you are around why not pop in and have a chat. Saturday 7th May Moira Geary is hosting a juicy day ………………
perhaps we’ll see you there? Next Reiki Mastership class is Wed 4th May, and the next Reiki share will be that evening at 8pm.

ENHANCE YOUR LIFE-Allesandra is back in town on June 11th & 12th so those of you who want to repeat can do so for free, and if you haven’t taken this course yet, I highly recommend you do, it is my favourite weekend training by a mile, check out the testimonials by others who have gone before you on I GUARANTEE you will be buzzing after it.
For further info on any of these please don’t hesitate to contact us 061-381947.

Aren’t we so lucky in Ireland at the moment having so many influential visitors? Next the Queen, then President Obhama, any chance ye’d have a word with Oprah?

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