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Well did I blink and miss summer?  Goodness me, time is indeed warping or morphing !

Thank you to everyone who came to An Evening with Anna- Stress-Less, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of you and sharing some practical techniques to help you navigate this intense times, with the added bonus of supporting Grow.

It was very exciting to witness your enthusiasim for experiencing Energy Treatments, and well done to our team who were “flat-out” each evening.

This enthusiasm is also evident by the numbers now choosing to learn Reiki for self-care, it is still my absolute favourite therapy- probably because it takes no effort to do my self-treatment every day- and yet the rewards are infinite- an hour of self-reiki is  equal to 4/5 hours sleep in terms of energy gain-who doesn’t need that these days!!! If you would like to take a Reiki Level one (next one is Tuesday 12th Sept 9.30-12.30), please get in touch . One class is all you need and then you are totally equipped to take care of your own energy field- magic!

For those wishing to “up-grade” to Reiki level 2, my next training is Sat/Sun 16th & 17th Sept, and this teaches you how to work on others and do distance healing, again a wonderful easy way to help share this valuable therapy with people as a way to manage the stresses of life.  Again if you have already completed Reiki 1 and you would like to take part next weekend, just email

We are very excited to welcome our new Full Time Diploma Students, to the only training of its kind in Ireland.  We start on Oct 4th, and our students will qualify in 12 professional therapies and complete introductory courses to 20 more, and will do final examinations in May 18. We have only a few places remaining (our classes are small but intensive), so please do get in touch soon if you are considering embarking on the most rewarding career for helping yourself and others improve their quality of life.  I would highly recommend that anyone considering a career in Healthcare, to first take our Full Time Diploma, as what you will learn will enhance any further medical trainings you choose to take.


For those of you wanting to take part-time courses please let us know which modalities you are interested in and what time-table would suit you, as we are happy to create extra trainings if enough students are interested.


Our CPD trainings for Professionals are proving to be a great success, again if you are in a profession that requires you to complete CPD points please get in touch and we will be delighted to show you the full range we have to offer.

Meanwhile on the Global front, it certainly has been a very interesting summer, we had a significant Solar Eclipse on Aug 21st, which hadn’t happened in 99 years- when we look back in hindsight it will be marked as a time of importance.  I know many of you were feeling challenged during this time as we let go of the past, in order to bring in a better future for all of us.

The change is already evident, notice what conversations people around you are having these days-can you hear the difference? People are waking up, thank God!! Holistic Healthcare is becoming more and more sought after for the true value that is offers, the buzz is tangible- I certainly have never been as busy, and how blessed I feel to have so many people indulge me in my passion to help them live a more joyous life. – Did I mention I loooooove my work!!

Oh-it just struck me that I should share  Alberto’s lovely words with you- Alberto is a young Cello student in Honduras.  He discovered my work via the 60 second panic solution, which is an on-line program that helps sufferers in over 80 countries.

“Here is a small update and some sharing of my journey:
 I haven’t performed with the orchestra because my university is on strike and all events have been canceled 🙁 But that is okay, the more time I have for healing, the better. I will feel stronger when a performance happens.
 I just want to thank you again for your program. I have said this many times and I really mean it. I want to share what happened before I got to you:
1) When panic attacks started, I began reading articles and books, all of them talked about coping with the symptoms, saying that with time they would decrease, That didn’t work for me, they got far worse with time.started behaving very strangely, he started twitching and twisting for a few seconds. After that he regained his composure. He mentioned medication was the way to treat anxiety and panic attacks, but after witnessing his strange movements, we lost faith in him and his methods. After leaving the clinic we saw a few patients waiting; they all looked like ZOMBIES! It was horrible. My mother says what we witnessed was a divine intervention, meaning this was not the way or a solution for me.
3) My mother always believed there had to be a natural, less invasive way to solve my anxiety and attacks. She basically trusted I would find it on my own. I read far more and found programs online. I found Ashok Gupta Amygdala Retraining Technique, which provides a powerful technique, very similar to Thought Patrol, but longer and with many steps. . I did this for a year and it helped a bit, but panic attacks were still there. I was still vulnerable to them.
4) I found Annie Hoppers program called DNRS, basically limbic system retraining.Her DVDs are very expensive, so instead I bought the book first to see what her program was about. She suffered with multiple chemical sensitivities and other, but addressed that limbic dysfunction was the root of many other issues like anxiety, chronic fatigue…etc. Her book explains allll the science of what stress does to the body and that the only way to heal is to restore the body to a state of growth and repair. I found the way to heal but did not know how to do it. I needed to buy the DVDs to find out. Since she didn’t talk about panic attacks specifically in her book, I was not sure of buying her program.
 5) After years of trying different things, I got to the point of getting so ill that I considered buying her DVDs or trying meds; I was desperate and hit rock bottom. At this point I found you!!! You taught me how to get to a state of growth and repair. I listen to the alter picture audio every day, and when tears come out I feel I turned off the anxiety switch. I basically use the triple A technique to turn off the switch. I don’t question why it gets turned on in the first place, I just turn it off every time I can.
Thank you again for saving my life. After reading your interview with Jill, I was convinced you knew something many don’t know. You mentioned your technique could be used by a 5 year old. This convinced me all the way, I knew there had to be an easier and more fun way to solve anxiety.
 I wanted to share a bit more of my journey just to tell you how amazing you are and how smart your program is! Thank you for being so approachable and kind. Thank you for helping me even more along the way.
 I recently played a wonderful video game and have seen so many connections to my healing journey. I have attached an image just to give you an example. The monster represents the alert signals (panic-attacks). I am the boy of course. The sword is called “Master Sword” capable of banishing all “evil”. YOU gave me that sword….
 Before having that sword, I was fighting that monster without an armor or weapons. I was “naked” and vulnerable. (I know my survival response is just trying to protect me and needs retraining, I know it is not exactly an enemy, but it is fun to see it as a monster 😊)
Thank you for giving me the Master Sword and Hylian Shield. I am eternally grateful…
2) I went to a psychiatrist to see if they had a solution. Something very strange happened during the appointment. As I explained my symptoms, the doctor

Till next time, wishing you infinite love light and laughter, Anna


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