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April 30th

Blog 30th April 2012
May !!!!
Can you believe it-time is definitely moving faster and its not just that we are all busier-there is now scientific evidence to support what we have all been feeling! It’s a bit technical but if you would like to know more just drop me a line and Id be happy to share the links with you.
On May 16th I will be holding my next Dublin clinic if you need to book a session please contact Geraldine 061-381947.
So what have we been up to since I spoke to you last? At Easter weekend we had the pleasure of providing our educational lecture and treatments to the attendants of the Easter Retreat at Glenstal, thank you to everyone for your wonderful feedback.
Congrats to our students who completed the Shirodhara course, I know that you are enjoying giving and receiving this the king of therapies. A Shirodhara treatment involves a foot massage, Indian Head Massage, Full body massage followed by warm oil being drizzled onto the forehead for 30 min, completing the treatment in 2 ½ hours! Absolute heaven!
Our full time students have their heads stuck in the books as they prepare for their final exams at the end of May, it’s hard to believe how fast the year has passed.
We are running our one day Hot Stone Massage course on Thur 10th May, so those of you on our case study list will have that to look forward to.
Dr Alvero Remeriz joins us next week to give us an insight into Chinese medicine and Accupuncture.
Sincere thank you to Margaret Collins Smith who shared her vast knowledge in the field of psychotherapy with us, we look forward to working with Margaret again in the future. Anyone interested in doing the foundation year in Psychotherapy can give us a call for further information.
Are you feeling frustrated with what is going on in the world and Ireland at the moment? Then you simply must watch Thrive-this movie was made by Foster Gamble, of Proctor and Gamble fame. Despite his very priviliaged upbringing he always wondered why the world wasn’t thriving, and made it his life’s mission to answer this question. His movie is the BEST overview of the world and what is happening in it, aswell as solutions as to how we ALL can contribute to positive change in our world. This movie has the potential to wake us all up, and is professional backed-up and independently verified. You can watch the movie online for $5 or purchase it for $20 from Once you have watched Thrive, I then recommend that you watch the u-tube coverage on Kony2012 apart from being an incredibly worthwhile issue in it’s own right, it is THE best example of the power we all posses through the internet. Interestingly at the moment the US and UK governments are pushing for legislation to control the internet-we need to ask why?
The time has come for all of us to stand in our own power, stop following others like sheep, and start asking those all important questions. Do not assume that someone else is watching on our behalf-remember- this is what happened in Germany when the masses didn’t stand in their own power. We all have a responsibility to make this a world that we would like to pass on to our children, its time now to stand up and take on this responsibility. This is not as daunting a task as you may think, start searching for the answers and asking those important questions-like who is holding the map? Where are we going? Apathy is a crime that we will all pay the price for. For the record I would like to add that this is a time of tremendous opportunity for all of us, all we have to do is to make decisions based on love and what we would like to see in our world, instead of being motivated by fear and focusing on what we don’t want.
Speaking of things we love-have I mentioned my job!!!!

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