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We are bursting with joy since last Saturday, as we were blessed to be re-united with one of two of our precious Rottweilers, who went missing 9 months ago.

A Miracle is when an extraordinary combination of seemingly ordinary events collide in a divinely inspired moment.  When Jessie and Robin went missing last April we had no idea what had happened, they were both micro-chipped so this gave us consolation that they would be recognized and soon returned to us.

Naturally we did absolutely everything possible to find them, including working with many Animal Communicators, the Gardai, Social Media, every Dog Pound, the Press and Peter even traveled to the UK in search of them, and still no trace. As time went on the grief and  loss lead some of our family to become disheartened.

The most valuable lesson that my work has taught me is the power of positive thought and prayer for manifesting our dreams.   I am also blessed to be surrounded by others with the same awareness, and we constantly held a vision of our girls coming home, and the subsequent joy that we would bask in.

That positive energy, gave power to manifest the magical moment last Wed night at 1.30am, when Frank McHugh who lives 120 miles away in the Wicklow mountains, was driving home and he spotted what he thought was one of his sheep dogs lying at the side of the road.  When he found Robin, she was so weak that she was unable to stand.

The following day the vet said that she had less than 24 hrs left to live.  Her micro-chip was gone.  Frank’s daughter put a post on social media, and one of her friends recalled a post we had up months previously. They got in touch and even in her desperately weak state Robin recognized us immediately.  The confirmation of divine inspiration is the incredible fact that Frank’s brother-in-law was our first dog-groomer 20years previously 120 miles away!!!!- Ordinary moments colliding in an extraordinary way through divine intervention.

It is curious that the training that first taught me this in 2004- is back again in two weeks time!!!

I was so impressed with that training that I have run it here in Limerick every year since, and last weekend was a stark reminder of just how life-changing this course continues to be in my life and that of the hundreds who have enjoyed it.

Please take this opportunity to Enhance Your Life too, it will run on Sat 4th Feb 9am-8pm and Sun 5th Feb 9am-6pm.  Dr Alessandra Betti from Milan, will once again share her tremendous expertise, laughter and compassion with us, as I relish assisting her over this high octane weekend.

Our participants regularly repeat the training, for a nominal fee, and we look forward to re-connecting with you, and hearing your success stories, since your last visit.


Our 3 day Indian Head Massage is running in early Feb, so if you would like to dip your toe into the world of hands on therapies this is an ideal starting point, contact us for details-

or 061381947.


We are living in extraordinary times, and my extensive  research over the past year or two, has given me a wider informed perspective that is a tremendous help to navigate these changes.  I am happy to share this knowledge with any of you who have taken a min of Reiki Level one training with us.  This class with run from 10-2pm on Sat 11th Feb. There will also be an advanced class later that day from 3-6 for all of the Reiki Masters who have studied with me.  The cover charge for each session is 50 euro, and I will be assisted by an expert on the day.  Getting up to speed has never been so vital, so I hope that those of you who are consciously on your path of growth, can join us.


These times are so very exciting as so many people awaken to the magic of Holistic Therapies, it is my joy to see so many others join in my loooooove for this work.


Till next time, wishing you love and light Anna


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