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7th January 2014 Update

What a start!
I hope that all of you have had a marvellous Christmas, and what a start to 2014, we had a wonderful New Years Eve in Limerick with the launch of City of Culture, to see the city jammed with people was heart warming, and here’s to a year where we  re-discover and bring life back into our city.
There is definitely a feeling that major positive change will be with us soon- bring it on-we have all had enough of the negativity. We should remember that quantum physics has proven that we create our reality according to the thoughts we have-so it is imperative that no matter what our “reality” may be showing us, that we rest in thoughts and visions of positivity. If I were to plan to get to a destination and input it into my GPS, I don’t put in the co-ordinates of where I don’t want to go-I put in the co-ordinates of where I want to get to! So if you want to be healthy, constantly worrying about getting sick-is not the right vision or thoughts to put into your GPS, visualise and hold positive loving thoughts towards your body and that is the destination you will input to your sub-conscious.
Meanwhile back in my “reality”, we have arrived at many new destinations-the first five star Holistic Retreats has launched and is available to book-and what an outstanding week long program it is, the location is simply the best in Ireland-in fact it was recently voted the best in Europe by Conde Nast, and the program is unique and has a host of wonderful presenters, therapists and exclusive excursions not usually available to the public-have a look    The aim is to boost the Irish economy by bring in overseas visitors, however there are some places available to Irish residents also.
Another exciting development is the launch of the first Mind ur Health exhibition, which will run on Sunday 23rd Feb in Limerick city. This is a health exhibition with a particular focus on Mental Health. There will be 30 exhibitors from a full range of public and private sector services, aswell as free expert lectures throughout the day. My mission in sponsoring this event is to have a one stop shop for the general public and volunteers to explore all the services that are available, as my experience has been that clients find it confusing and daunting to find help for themselves and their loved ones who may be suffering with health issues.
Lectures include-Holistic Therapies A Solution for Depression,
Panic & Anxiety Attacks-How to Get Rid of Them Permanently,
Suicide-A Survivors Story
Looking After Your Mental Health.
Entry is €5 for adults, and all proceeds are being donated to Limerick Marine Search & Rescue Services. Please spread the word and help us in our mission to alleviate this societal epidemic. Tickets can be purchased on line from   For further information join us on facebook-!/mindurhealth or contact us   061-381947

Meanwhile back at college we have some excellent programs running soon-
Angel Therapy, Reiki, Chakra Matrix, Hot Stone Massage, Drumming Yoga-and that’s just before the end of Feb! For further info go to
Have I told you that I LOVE my work!!!
Wishing you a Healthy, Joyous, Creative and Successful 2014,
Love & Light

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