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6th August 2012

Blog 6th August 2012
Well, we live in hope!
Just aswell that there isn’t the dilemma of sunshine to distract me from all the work that goes into planning next years programs for the Holistic Centre of Excellence.
We have a very exciting line up this year, and the good news for those of you who have wanted to take our full time course but couldn’t commit to a five day week, is, we have re-arranged the timetable so the course will be taught in a 16hour week with a weekend module once per month, including an evening Reflexology course and an evening Anatomy & Physiology class each week. Our full timetable will be available on our website shortly. In the meantime if you have any queries please contact our office 061-381947. Again this year we are happy to have a limited number of places on all of the modules for those of you who want to dip in to holistic therapies or increase you existing skills. All of our courses qualify for CPD points.

Check out some of our new weekend courses, always a great gift to yourself.

Date for your diaries; 6th & 7th October Alessandra Betti is back to lead our
Enhance Your Life Training Course, for those of you who have already taken the course you know the value of it, and remember that you can repeat it for a small nominal fee as often as you wish. This is absolutely the fastest way to get your life on track and boost your love of life, don’t take my word of it, have a look as some of the testimonials on our website. A great course for couples to do together by the way!

Meanwhile we have our graduation to look forward to next week, when this year’s 28 students get the opportunity to celebrate their wonderful success. As the Holistic Field continues to be one of the few growth professions in Ireland at the moment, it is a privilege to be a pivotal part of therapist’s development.

We were very blessed to have a superb family holiday, and the switch off was great not to mention the sunshine. It was just as well that we got the break because since our return my private practice has been inundated with clients suffering from stress and anxiety, and it is my pure joy to work with clients in this field, as one session is all it takes to end anxiety attacks, thanks to all of you for your positive feedback, this is an area that I am passionate about helping, knowing that so many people are suffering when there is a such an effective lasting treatment available. So please if someone you care about is under stress encourage them to contact us, we will be happy to recommend a therapist who can help. It seems to me that there is an epidemic of stress at the moment and not enough people know that this help is available. To me its like looking at an animal caught in a trap, and although we have the skills and training to open the trap we have to wait until we are asked. This was one of the toughest things I had to deal with when I first trained as a therapist, thankfully these days, people are more open to energy medicine, although they are continually astounded at it’s speed and effectiveness. This is why energy medicine is an integral part of our health system of the future.

Another exciting announcement is our facilitation of the Foundation Year in Counselling and Psychotherapy, lead by Margaret Collins Smyth, having completed this course several years ago, it is my privilege to able to offer it under the HCE program of trainings. This one year program, completed over ten modules, each consisting of one Wed eve and full day Thur once monthly, is of huge benefit to all therapists in terms of customer care skills. There are a limited number of places so to avoid disappointment we recommend that you register asap. Contact our office for details.

These are very exciting times that we live in, as the world “wakes up” and we are all actively searching for peace within, which of course will ensure that there will be peace outside also. There has never been such a big interest in finding one’s purpose and indeed there has never been as many options available to people to assist them in the search. Good luck to the old ways of fear based decisions, as we all look forward as the “new” love based decisions change our world exponentially. Resisting these changes by trying to hang on the old is the cause of so much stress, the sooner we accept change, the better for all of us.

Meanwhile, did I mention, I looove my job!

Till next time

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