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5th January 2011

Oh the sins of Xmas Chocolate!
I can always count on the xmas chocolate to set my 1st new year’s resolution-so it’s back to the gym for me.

There is no better time to set your goals for the New Year, but first you should take stock of all your successes in 2010, this will get you into a positive frame of mind. Then list them, yes, write them down, then break the goals down into smaller attainable steps, then get your diary and write into the beginning of each month/week what your goal for that week is. Spend some time imagining what it will be like when you have achieved these goals-this is VERY important. Also write each month what your reward will be to yourself as you achieve each step. I guarantee you if you do this it will work-I speak from personal experience.

Meanwhile back on the ranch it feels good to have navigated 2010, from an energy perspective it presented many challenges to all of us, but it was necessary to put us in the right frame to enjoy 2011, here’s to great things ahead, can you feel it?

There are some interesting developments as things shift, particularly as the old systems merge into new ones, and we must remain vigilant and watch with care, for instance there is a plan by the EU to legislate for herbal remedies, while on the surface this may appear admirable, I would urge you to take a look at the information see the link and remember we all have a responsibility to actively choose in these developments. Answer these questions- What will happen when conditions/restrictions are put on small localised growers/preservers of these magical traditions? Do we want to lose more of our power of choice? So please click the link and at least make an informed choice to sign the petition or not.

Dr Nancy Werner will be here to teach Bodytalk soon, and she will be giving a free public lecture on Wed 19th at 7.30 in the Savoy Hotel, Limerick, all are welcome just let us know if you want to come as we need to make sure we have enough seating.

Our big news for 2011 is the launch of our full-time Holistic Therapist Diploma which will begin in September, we are very excited to be the first in Ireland to offer this type of course, for more info give us a shout.

The holidays were great and it was good to enjoy family life and it’s very exciting to be back at work, what a great start to the year already this week, big big things happening, did I mention that I love my work???

Lots of love and light for 2011.

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