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4th of April 2011

April already!!
Wow, how did that happen, but isn’t it great to see the bright evenings again?
Hope all you mothers were shown the ultimate appreciation this weekend for your privileged yet challenging work!

Thank you to the 11 therapists who gave willing of your time this week, as we donated in excess of 65 treatments to the mothers of Moyross & Ballynanty, again all of us feel so privileged to be able to make a difference for others, and we have a great time too-how could we possibly call this work?-that’s one of those cosmic jokes-when you find your passion, it is effortless to perform, and yet we can call it a job!!!!

If you would like to get “in” on the joke, why not consider taking a year out and joining us this September in the wonderful setting of Glenstal, to become a therapist?
We guarantee the course would have the most profound effect on the rest of your life-so now you are thinking “yeah right-that’s at big impossible statement”-we therapist’s know otherwise-as we are the living proof that -that is, indeed the case. If you would like to find out more please don’t hesitate to contact us, the new HOLISTIC CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE website will be up & running shortly, but in the meantime contact us by phone 061-381947 or

Remember the final date for buying tickets for the Lightworkers Dinner Dance is this Friday 8th April.

Next Reiki Share is Wed 13th April at 8pm.

Of course we are all looking forward eagerly to His Holiness Dalai Lama on Thur 14th in UL, the 3000 tickets sold out in 3 hrs!! How’s that for a sign of the awareness rising?

We will be at the Holistic Expo in Kilaloe on Sunday May 1st, so perhaps we will see you there? If you are interested to take a stand you can contact us for details or call Bebhinn on 087-9215337. This expo will be covering therapies primarily, so don’t expect to find the usual physic stands, Ill remind you again closer the date.

I had reason to visit the Oncology unit with a patient this week at the Regional Hospital Limerick and boy was I impressed, the centre is absolutely fabulous, the staff so friendly and courteous, the facilities were of private hospital standard, it certainly makes a big difference for the patients, of course once I closed my mouth which was gaping in amazing, my next thought was-why isn’t the rest of the hospital like this?

It really would be some bit of a way to returning to the ancient healing ways-5000 yrs ago, when someone got sick they were brought to a healing temple, which was built in such a way that the sunlight entered to bath the patient, there was perhaps some natural spring for them the soak in, and they were certainly massaged with healing oils, we really have progressed haven’t we!!!!!!!! Modern medicine has some fantastic attributes but it seems to have forgotton some of the basic ancient healing principles-don’t you think?
But the time is coming thank God, as more & more medical professionals are embracing the Holistic Style of health, and I for one am very excited about that prospect-there simply wont be enough Holistic Therapist’s very soon when the floodgates finally open to bring us full-circle!

Did I mention…………..
I love my job!

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