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30th of June 2011

Sincere thank you to the dedicated girls who braved the mud-bath that was the Charleville show this Saturday, we who manned the information stand on Sunday didn’t realise how lucky we were, as the sun shone brightly, as the throngs of people came into the marquee where we were-just to cool off! A very successful day again, as people showed great interest in the Holistic Centre of Excellence and our training programms. Mind you it was so busy that even I struggled to keep talking-not something I generally suffer from!!!! So thanks to all those who indulged us in talking about our passion. We had a great laugh too, like the time I got on the bed and Michelle Moynihan gave me a Reiki treatment, I was so relaxed I didn’t hear as one of the crowd of visitors who gathered to watch- offered to do mouth-to-mouth recus. on me-another opportunity missed!!!!
Thanks again team-and to those of you that will be on our final Outreach day this week before we break for summer holidays.

I am looking forward to our holiday, when I hope to practice what I preach and take some time out on the beach! I will be away from 8th July until August, however Amy will be holding the fort while Im gone, so if any of you need a session she will be happy to look after you.

The Horse Boy
Unfortunately I will miss Rupert Isaacson, who will be in LIMERICK on July 11th, Rupert has written the book The Horse Boy which is also a movie, he took his son to Monoglian shamans to heal him. An amazing story, and to see Rupert’s work first hand is an wonderful opportunity you shouldn’t miss. The day cost €10-which is unbelievable-to book visit

Burznyski The Movie
Watch this documentary about how the Cancer Cure is being withheld!
If you haven’t watch this yet please do, absolutely compelling viewing for all of us;

The Pink Tank
What a great morning we had last week in Mitchelstown, with Nicola Byrne, Orlaith Carmody, Theresa Lowe and Linda O’Shea, -with The Pink Tank, these very real-highly successful ladies inspired us to step up to the mark and make a difference. I highly recommend this event, Ill keep you posted re their next event, and hopefully Ill see you there!

Animal Therapy
We are very lucky to have an animal energy expert coming to Ireland, actually it will be her only UK training in the next 12 months, so don’t miss this one!
Join Loesje from Canada who will be teaching Linking Awareness with Humans & Animals on Aug 20,21,22. Im really looking forward to attending as is our 12 yr old daughter. The fee is Canadian $ 550 if booked before July 30th. Contact co-ordinator
Paula McCarthy, +44-2891-542320 or +44-7831373764. Loesje will also be teaching Animal Talk module 8A Aug 26-29, again contact Paula for details.

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