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30th august 2011

ICA Queen!
Congrats to my-clearly- better half-in the domestic arena at any rate!! As Peter won the ICA Recruit of the year last weekend while raising 20,000 + for the charity Aware-the final tally from the phone-in voting hasn’t been announced yet, estimates are at 30,000. We had great craic at the live shows, It’s unbelievable how many crew it takes to pull off a live show. 10 of us who were on the Linking Awareness course in Dundalk headed down there on Sat night and we had such fun, mind you were a little tired on the course on Sunday, but it was sooo interesting there was no fear of any of us nodding off! I would highly recommend Loesje Jacob’s Linking Awareness course, as it opened us up to new levels of awareness not just with animals but with ourselves also. If you would like any information as always please do not hesitate to contact me
Heartfelt thank you to our Associates who held the fort at the Cappamore Show, and the Limerick Show, as they generously shared their expertise with the public. The rising interest in Holistic Healthcare is evident everywhere we look these days as the public and institutions wake up to what I consider to be the missing piece of the jigsaw, that we must all embrace not just for our health as individuals but our health in society and beyond.

Speaking of community health, I had my community hat on this weekend as we ran the Mary from Murroe festival for the third year, and each year improves on the previous one. We had fantastic fun all weekend with over 1500 people turning up for the various events. Congrats to Aisling Murphy who is this years Mary from Murroe winner, we look forward to seeing lots more of Aisling as she performs her many community duties throughout the year. Events like these are wonderful for raising the energy of communities, and re-connecting people, which is essential to all our well-beings. The buzz around the village is great, long after the events as people re-live their best moments-for me the Donkey derby was hilarious yesterday-a video can be viewed at Crokers- good innocent fun-again something that we often forget to have. Again well done to all the organisers, it takes great collective effort to pull off
a successful weekend and it is testimony to all that it was incident free.

We are delighted to announce a public talk by Dr Mary Helen Hensley on Wed 14th September at 7pm, in Murroe, admission is €25. Spaces are limited so please contact our office 0611-381947 to apply for tickets. She is a facilitator of healings, and I for one am really looking forward to meeting her in person. So perhaps I will see you there?

Heartfelt thank you to all our new full time students, we are going to have a very innovative exciting year together, our associates are all looking forward to our 1st day of school on Sept 12th. It is always wonderful to be at the cutting edge of new developments, and this year’s students are especially blessed as we are limiting the group to 16, so you can look forward to one on one mentoring. For those of you who wishing to take some of our part-time trainings please do get in touch, as some modalities are already full with a waiting list. I for one cant wait to get “back to school” this year-mind you I don’t remember feeling like that in the 80’s!!1

Next reiki share Wed Sept 7th.
Love & Light

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