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2nd September 2013

Back to School
That time of year when we all get busy again, after slowing things down a bit for the summer. Im very grateful for the superb rest that the good weather encouraged us all to take, because it’s all hands on deck now. It looks like we are going to be oversubscribed for some of our courses this year, which it a great issue to deal with! For those of you, who were considering enrolling, please do let us know as soon as possible. Most of you are familiar with our unique full time Holistic Therapist Diploma, but you may want to dip your toe in, so why not take the 6 classes of introduction to Ayurveda, or a weekend introduction to Aromatherapy, or my personal favourite of Reiki, or any of the modules of our Diploma course that you feel drawn to , these can be taken as part time courses, please contact us for details.
I found it very interesting that in Australia, the medical centres are all multi-disciplinarily-they offer GP service, aswell as Reflexology, Cranio-Sacral, Sport Massage, Kinesiology and many other Energy Medicine modalities-all at the one office-so if any of you are in any doubt about Holistic Healthcare being THE Healthcare System of the 21st Century, just look to what is happening in other countries. Indeed Ireland is progressing also, for instance there is a voluntary Reiki service operating at the Oncology Unit in the Mid-Western Regional Hospital. I know many of our therapists are visiting private clients while they are in our hospitals to do treatments there, hospital staff are very accommodating to us, as they recognise the immediate positive impact these treatments produce for the patients. The main motivation I had for setting up the Holistic Centre of Excellence was because the demand for highly qualified and expertly trained Holistic Therapists will soon outstrip availability, as the market continues to open up in Ireland. So please if you have ever had the inclination to venture into the field of Alternative Medicine, your time is now, there is tonnes of work to be done, to help re-balance the health of individuals and institutions in Ireland.
Also for any of you who need to renew your first aid, or indeed if you haven’t taken the first aid training, (therapists you will need it for your professional insurance) please let us know, as we just have a few places left for the 3rd, 4th & 5th October.

What a superb celebration we had recently at this year’s Holistic Centre of Excellence graduation, our large audience were wooed with music and song from the beautiful Maeve O’Donovan, then intrigued with an enlightening speech from Catherine McGeachy, and amused with a fantastic ode from the graduates. We celebrated until late at Crokers Restaurant-HCE’s entertainment headquarters-where we are always so well looked after. There are photos of our graduates on our website if you would like to browse
Alessandra Betti will be back with us on Nov 9/10 with her fantastic Enhance Your Life training-once you have taken this training once we allow you to repeat as often as your heart desires, for no charge-so if you wish to get your life on track register now-repeats-you know you’ll be thrilled afterwards.
Now that the children are back at school, perhaps it is time for the adults to consider going back too!-I know I am looking forward to what I will learn this year-
I love my job!
Love & Light

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