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2nd April 2013

Blog 2nd April 2013
Easter Bunny!
Boy has he got a lot to answer for!! Its impossible to resist all that chocolate-time has come to pay now-on with the runners!
I hope that you enjoyed the Easter holidays, as we embrace the new beginnings of spring. Not only is it a time of growth for nature, but for us personally also, we always get lots of calls at this time of year, as people actively contribute to their personal development by learning new skills via our training courses. A particular favourite is our two day introduction to Aromatherapy, which teaches you how to use 20 oils for home use, and there some places still available, so if you would like to join us on Sat & Sun 20th & 21st of this month, just let us know.
Soon we will announce details of our next open night for the Holistic Centre of Excellence, it is always an enjoyable and social evening, and all are welcome.

A big thank you for the encouraging feedback from all those that we met at Thomond Park and LIT as part Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival, each year the event gets better and better.
And again sincere thank you to the great group of people that we met at the Glenstal Easter retreat this year, and thanks to the therapists who helped us deliver another highly successful professional event.
It is via the many public events that we donate each year, that so many people are learning how to take control of their own healthcare, and open their minds to best preventative and therapeutic Holistic healthcare system. One of the proudest achievements of our Holistic Centre of Excellence is the dedication of the team of graduated therapists, who offer their valuable time to our Outreach program. This is our way of “paying it forward”, and we always get the best satisfaction when delivering these events.
For many of my recent public talks, while giving the overview of what holistic healthcare is, I have put a particular focus on the application of this healthcare system as a solution for depression. In my opinion and indeed the opinion of many experts like Dr Harry Barry, Dr Tony Bates, Dr Terry Lynch to name but a few, this is the ONLY solution to depression. A one faceted approach to depression will not work for human who are multi-faceted beings, the solution must incorporate techniques and lifestyle changes for the physical, mental and spiritual aspects which need to be tailored for each individual. This is where I believe Holistic Healthcare stands out from the crowd-as it provides treatments for all aspects of an individual, and at all levels, creating a tailored package for each individual. The added bonus is that holistic treatments are a pleasure to receive, and provide that all-important rest and rejuvenation for the mind, body and spirit. We have a specific training program for the recovery from depression that I have trained many of our top therapists to deliver to their clients. Please if you or someone you love is currently suffering from depression and or panic attacks/anxiety, contact us for further information, help us to end this unnecessary suffering, so we can all get back to living life fully and joyfully.

Till next time,

Love and Light

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