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23rd January 2012

Blog 23rd January 2012-01-23

Well there’s my first New Years Resolution busted-I promised to write this blog weekly and I realise it’s been 3 weeks!!! So bless me for I have sinned!!
It’s not surprising that I haven’t noticed the time pass, it has been fantastically busy in the best way. Many exciting new projects are blossoming which I will be able to share with you soon. Thank you to our many Outreach clients this month, we always have the best job satisfaction with you. Thanks to Mary Grogan for a very interesting Chakra Matrix class, the students are thoroughly enjoying Carolyn Heagney’s Diet and Nutrition, Breeda’s Yoga class, and we are all looking forward to the Angel Therapy classes starting next week. Good luck to our students who will be doing their practical holistic massage exam tomorrow, you will all do brilliantly.
Sincere thank you to the Irish Reflexology Institute for the great report we received after our inspection, confirmation that we are indeed on the right path creating something unique is always welcome.
Our next Reiki Share will be Thursday 2nd Feb at 10am, as usual this is open to Reiki practitioners of level 2 and higher, just email or call 061-381947 if you would like to join us.
On a personal level there is plenty of growth as I am having to pole-vault over some old conditioning as my darling better half volunteered us for a charity event-a televised game show no less!!! The tricky part, probably wont be the make-up (yikes), cameras (yikes) big audience, having to compete (yikes again), the challenge will be playing a family game together without descending into usual totally chaos!!!!
Tune in next week and Ill let you know how it went!!!!!
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