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22nd July 2013

Summer Time and the Living is Easy!
What a gift this summer in Ireland is proving to be-there is no country quite like it when the sun shines. I feel especially blessed to arrive home to this glorious weather after a spectacular holiday in Australia with the British and Irish Lions tour, and what a success that tour was-magic, truly a trip of a lifetime. Beautiful as Australia is though, Ireland (especially in the sunshine) has so much to offer, which we often take for granted. It was interesting to observe how a country can change just by the energy or ethos of those in charge of it-for instance, having lived in Australia for a few months in 1997, the “no worries” attitude was very evident and created a laid back attitude, however it was very obvious that rules & regulations are now the order of the day in Australia, and these very specific rules and excessive fines are not negotiable. I found this a shocking contrast, and it made me realise how truly blessed we are with our Irish attitude, and that we should aim to preserve a common sense approach to rules and regulations, after all, without this we become inflexible and controlled, and life is not meant to be inflexible and controlled, our role is to flow with the ebb and flow of life and it’s twists and turns, and we must pay attention so that we maintain enough freedom in our daily lives to be able to do so. So while we take our laid back “Irish” attitude for granted and even joke about it at times, it is indeed something to be treasured and encouraged. Travel really does open our eyes, yet I wonder, how many of us would bother with travel if we were guaranteed this weather every summer?
Enough about holidays-focus Anna! Registrations for our new intake are going well, which is surprising considering the weather, so looks like we will be oversubscribed for the Holistic Centre of Excellence range of courses starting in September. So if you are interested in joining us on the “journey of your lifetime”, please let us know asap-email is or phone 061-381947. We have some interesting new additions to our program this year, so if you have trained with us before, be sure to check these out.
Our Outreach program will be starting again with the academic year, so if you would like to make an application for an Outreach Event please let us know soon, to avoid disappointment. For those of you who don’t know, our Outreach program is our “charity” program, whereby we offer treatments and educational talks to both marginalised communities and Corporate Organisations. You can view some of our previous events in the photo gallery on our website.
Meanwhile back at the clinic, it is a pleasure to be back with clients-my other passion. Mind you I did do a few sneaky sessions while on hols! Being a holistic therapist is a vocation not a profession, it is a part of you, not an activity that you do 9-5 and take holidays from. When people ask “ how can you do that all the time”-my reply is “how can I NOT do it”. If you or someone you know needs a energy boost, or is suffering with a serious condition, please get in touch, we have access to a vast amount of information, therapists, and experts and it will be a pleasure to share this expertise with you. You can call on the above number or email. Join our campaign to end unnecessary suffering! Together let’s aim to keep this sunny outlook lasting long after the summer has ended.
Wishing you long, lazy happy summer days,

L & L

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