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20th June 2011

Our only consolation for the bad weather is, that we are so busy, at least we aren’t missing it! There is no summer wind down for us yet, as each week is action packed.

The Holistic Centre of Excellence is proving to be very exciting and each day we seem to add more unique components. That’s the fun of creating something new, we get to make it up as we go-literally. The Associates are constantly come up with new ideas to add to what is already an extraordinary and unique course. The interview process starts the first week in July, so if you are interested in attending this years course which starts on the 12th Sept, please contact us asap. Not alone are we the first in Ireland to offer such a comprehensive program, but as someone pointed out to me the other day, the course is real value for money, working out at just over €150 per week! This is the less than what a one day training in the Holistic Field would normally cost! We are confident that next year the diploma course will be a two year program, such is the enthusiasm of National Holistic Associations to join us! We are already finding it hard to limit the course content for this years students. Do contact us if you have any queries.

Since I spoke to you last we have been on two more Outreach events, they just get better each time! If you would like us to consider a group that you have an interest in, please check out the Outreach page on our website and give us a shout.

You have got to check out the movie about Dr Burnzyski, who discovered the CURE FOR CANCER, back in 1977! The authorities in the USA have done everything in their power to keep this under raps. Prepare to get angry as you watch this video, it is of vital importance that we all wake up to how we are being led by big industry, and realise that we have to start following our own inner voice!

Quote for life:
How people treat you is there karma, how you react is yours!

Look forward to catching up with you again soon,

L & L

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