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1st October 2013

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With the school routines now firmly established, its the perfect time for Mom’s to consider how to get maximum value for their time while the children are kept busy with activities. A recurring theme that I see is that Irish Mom’s devote ALL their time to their children and children’s activities, and while commitment to our children is of great importance in terms of their development, it is VITAL that we do not lose ourselves in the role. This is a tragedy on many counts, the obvious one being that when the children grow up and leave-and they all will!-then Mom is left with no sense of purpose of who she really is. More importantly ask any Mom- of girls in particular -this question-would you want your daughter to sacrifice her interests/hobbies/dreams to her children? The answer I’ve found is always an emphatic No. No mother would want their daughter to sacrifice what defines her. So how are our daughters going to learn that it is ok to invest time in their dreams/desires/interests? The only way children learn is by example-if you want your children to be independent and free to choose their passions in life-they have to witness Mom doing it first! I recall being sad for my Mom, when I realised how many talents and passions she had, that she never allowed herself time for, because she was so dedicated to us and her role as a mid-wife, AND she never ever complained about it! Of course it is all about balance, which is why I would encourage all you Mom’s who may now have a few free hours each day to abandon the mop/ironing/cleaning, and invest some little time in an activity that feeds your spirit-your entire family will benefit from a happier you. Remember to check our website and note that some of our classes are just one 3 hour session, and stay up to date here as additional events are constantly being added. If you do find that you need to start investing time in yourself and you are not sure where to begin, I would highly recommend the 2 day Enhance Your Life weekend-9/10th Nov this course has chartered the path of hundreds of participants over the years, have a look at a sample of the countless testimonials that have been written about this course.
For further info please contact us 061-381947
Ok, that lecture over, here’s news of another one!-
We all know of someone suffering with mental health issues at the moment, so please come along to this public event, where our Outreach team from Holistic Centre of Excellence and myself will be providing a free talk and free treatments from
10am to midday, on Friday 11th October at the Pastoral Centre in Denmark St, Limerick City. We are providing this event as part of Mental Health Week, and it is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to learn how effective Holistic Therapies are in dealing with this epidemic. Open to all, no need to book, but come early to avoid disappointment if you would like a treatment.
Our recent Open Night proved to be a great success, and thank you to all those who attended for your inspiring attention and contributions. We will post information about the next one on this blog, and please feel free to attend again and/or invite your friends, as you now know, these are always very informative, valuable and social evenings.
This year students have settled in and what a lovely bunch we have the privilege of assisting, in their journey to discovering their passions. It is so inspiring when you have a class led by a teacher who is passionate about their subject and a group of students eager to learn-as a college we must be the envy of many a frustrated teacher! So thank you to all our new students for indulging us in our passion.
Have I mentioned-we love our work! Until next time wishing you love, light & laughter

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