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18th August

Blog Thur 18th August 2011

Career Time-Back to School
Appropriate topic at the moment as we congratulate all those leaving certificate students who did well yesterday, while we at the Holistic Centre of Excellence put the final touches to our full time Diploma course. It is a very exciting time for us and our first full time students, as they embark on the first training course of its kind in Ireland, and to think that by next June they will have a professional career under their belt, in what we consider to be one of the very few growth industries globally.
It is always exciting to break through boundaries, raising the bar to set new standards, and it wouldn’t be possible for me to achieve such innovations if I did not have the full support and back up of all of our Associates at HCE, so sincere heartfelt thank you girls-I often forget to say that, after I have finished overwhelming you with tasks!!!!
Our next Reiki Share will be at 8pm on Wed 7th.

We have lots of other exciting programs coming on stream for the Autumn, Ill keep you posted on those as details are confirmed, so keep checking in.

This weekend see’s a crew of us heading to Dundalk to do the Linking Awareness course with Loesje Jacob, really looking forward to working with animals for a change!

Yet again Im amazed at how the universe aligns details that make the logistics of my life easier-while Im in Dundalk for the course, my better half is just half and hour away in Termenfeicen at the ICA bootcamp, so it’ll be no bother to run over for the final on Sat night to cheer him on. This is the 2nd week that he is living in “camp”, and has already won €20,000 for Aware, which is a great achievement, and while people continue voting this week, each call raises further funds which will help lift some of the depression in Ireland! I’d better watch my back though-as he is proving a more capable domestic goddess than I-actually I think I hand over my sash to him permanently when he gets home!-
Just aswell that I love my “other” work anyway!

Till next week

Love & live

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