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16th October 2013

Launch of Exciting New Program
If my client demographic are anything to go by- I’m guessing that you know at least one person who is suffering with Panic Attacks and/or Anxiety?
At last I am able to share a fantastic program that will stop a Panic Attack in less than three seconds, anywhere, anytime, FOREVER. I have used it with hundreds of clients in my private clinic and it always works. Because of the massive increase in sufferers I am delighted to be able to reach more people by offering this training to groups.
The next training will run on Saturday 23rd Nov, from 11am to 3pm, in Murroe Village. The cost €150 per person. Please pass this information to anyone who you know of whose life is being destroyed by Panic Attacks and/or Anxiety, and allow them the opportunity to be released from their suffering after one four hour session.
As you know, I don’t usually talk about our training programs so extensively on this blog, but I really do feel that this problem is reaching epidemic proportions, and I am passionate about solving it.
So what else is new? Well, this years students are well and truly under way with their studies and loving it! We have also just launched our new Holistic Holiday program which has been created to bring tourists into our beautiful country-again-just me doing my bit to solve the financial crisis. I am also excited to learn that Limerick will be benefiting from the hard work of many committed citizens, when next year our big asset-the Shannon River will finally be put to good use for all of us to enjoy. The launch of Limerick City One-a custom built sail boat-is planned for next year, and these beautifully designed- commissioned sails will not alone be on view for all of us to enjoy, but the more adventurous can learn how to sail them-right in heart of our city-great credit is due to all those who are so dedicated to bringing our City alive.
So it really does feel to me, that we are turning a big corner, on so many levels, as recession has enhanced our creative sides, for the better. These are very exciting times, but it is hard to recognise this and enjoy it, if you are stuck in a cycle of stress-so please, please contact your local Holistic Therapist today, so we can all embrace the joy of creating a better internal, local and global environment for ourselves. We are always happy to recommend professionally trained therapists in your area, so don’t be afraid to ask!
For now, wishing all of you a happy creative process,
Did I mention-I Looove my job!
Love and Light

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