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16th December 2012

It has been a crazy few weeks since I last wrote, and now its nearly time to take a well deserved rest over the Christmas Hols. We’ve had some very exciting and transformative classes at HCE, with many of you joining us, to broaden our minds, with Dr Beatrice Neufeldt, teaching us about the value of herbal remedies combined with western medicine for menopause, Michael Connolly, president of the Irish NLP Association, who gave us an entertaining class, we had Susan Russell with Sand Therapy, Urs Wenk with our drumming class, Fr Simon Sleeman, who gave us an uplifting class on spirituality, Claire Sheehan who inspired us with Homeopathy, Diane Hannagen with Indian Head Massage and Hopi Candle, and they were just the invitation classes! There is absolutely no chance that we will ever get bored at HCE!

Meanwhile a sincere thank you to all of you who attended my recent seminar on solving depression, your positive feedback is greatly appreciated.

For all of you Reflexologists, check out the superb article in this edition of Feet First, entitled Everything is Energy, written for our HCE graduation ceremony by
Catherine McGeachy. Well deserved plaudits have been received by the editor from Europe and the UK for this edition and Im sure these were prompted by Catherine’s contribution.

We are very excited about our plans to contribute to the Birth2012 celebrations on Friday 21st, as a large group of us gather to maximise the potential to increase the positive energy on our planet, with a view to supporting world peace, and afterward we will be watching a live feed from all over the world of a wide range of activities, which will run from Dec 20 to Dec 22 to allow for all the world time zones. The first Wave of unity will be a three minute meditation, and will take place at 8pm Fri 21st, with live feeds from Australia, Guatemala, Glastonbury and Giza Pyramid, if you would like to join us in the function room at Crokers, Murroe, just send an email to It promises to be a great day and evening with a super group of lightworkers, so don’t be shy!

What a great way to end our successful year, and looking to 2013-it is already shaping up to be even more successful-exciting times indeed. For any of your interested in joining us in January, we will have the Suicide Awareness day on Thur 10th Jan, Angel Therapy starts Jan 15th and every Tue thereafter for six weeks, Reiki Level Two will be taught over a weekend Sat and Sun 12/13 Jan, and our Business Class which is specifically designed for Holistic Therapists will run on Sat/Sun 26/27 Jan, ending with Chakra Matrix on Thur 31st-and that’s just January!

Our Outreach program is almost full for the first half of 2013 also, with just a couple of dates left, so if you wish to avail of this fantastic service please get in touch asap. You can check it out on our web under the Outreach tab

After the turbulent times since the 1980’s to this year, which were necessary to pave the way for the wonderful times that are almost here, we are very blessed to have the privilage of witnessing the dawning of a higher vibrational time for our planet. The magical sense of mystery, is like the excitement of a child anticipating the arrival of Santa Claus. Although I have noticed that main stream media and now discussing what 21st Dec means, and this is creating fear for those who haven’t invested any time in educating themselves about it. It is VERY important that all of us realise that there is no room for fear at this time, we have been controlled by fear for thousands of years, and the shift we are about to make is into an era where no fear exists, only pure love. It is not the end of the world but it will be the end of fear in the world, if we choose it. So, for those who want the short fast answer, follow your heart, meaning that you make your decisions based on love not fear, and you will be benefitting yourself and everyone around you. Approach the 21st with the wide-eyed wonder and innocence of a child, and you will be making a massive contribution to this exciting opportunity to create Heaven on Earth. If you would like more no-nonsense information on this subject, drop me an email and I will be happy to share relevant links etc with you.

Here’s to a wonderful new world and a love filled Christmas,

Ps Santa, can I please keep my job-because I love it!

Love & light

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