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15th November 2010

15th Nov 2010

Wow-what a great way to spend the weekend, Alessandra Betti was her usual inspiring self with the group of 20 of us who attended the Enhance Your Life Training this weekend in Limerick.  Well done to all of you for giving yourself the gift of Enhancing Your Life, I look forward to seeing all of you again in June.  To those of you who don’t know, once you have completed the training you can repeat for free as many times afterwards as you wish.

     This Wed I will be giving the lecture in the Grove Health Spa, if you would like to join me see the contact information on the previous blog entry.

      Wed 24th Nov I have been invited to give another Bodytalk Lecture, for those of you interested in taking the next Bodytalk Training in Limerick next January.  If you would like to come please call us as spaces are limited.

     This week’s scientific trivia; did you know that the biomagnetic field of your body can be measured?  The interesting discovery for me was not that the biomagnetic field of the heart was the strongest, but that the 2nd strongest is the retina in the eye? Furthermore the biomagnetic field of the brain is about a thousandth of that of the heart! How’s that for evidence that we should be referring to our heart to make decisions rather than our brain?

Thanks to all of you who sent in the testimonials, or recommended me on Linkden, hearthfelt thanks for your lovely words-did I ever mention I love my job!!!!!!!!!!

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