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15th Feb 2013

Apologies for the email that went with the last blog-not sure what I did-hope I don’t repeat it this time.
I hope you all felt the LOVE yesterday for St. Valentines day. Isn’t it great to see the sun, and the stretch in the evenings-mind you it is showing up the work that needs to be done outside, after the stormy nights. We have some fantastic trainers coming to us over the next few weeks-
If you would like to learn a little about Aura soma, please join us next Thur 21st at 9.30 at our premises on Glenstal Abbey, just email to make sure we have a place for you.
Any of you massage therapists who need to upgrade your skills; we are running the one day HOT STONE Massage course next Sat 23rd, 9.30 to 5pm. All of our courses qualify for your CDP requirements.
March is looking hectic already-I hope we have time for Easter! Our Outreach program is in full swing, perhaps we will see you at the University of Limerick, Women’s Day on Fri 8th, or at the Limerick Lifelong Learning on Friday 22nd?
The Healthcare Expo has been expanded this year, and we welcome Health Experts from the Medical, Diet & Nutrition, Fitness, Ayurveda, Psychotherapy, as well as the highly trained professional Holistic Therapist’s who will be on hand to offer treatments at a greatly reduced rate. Entrance is free, and this is a wonderful opportunity to get some personal free advice. So join us on Sunday 10th March in the Dom Winoc Suite at Crokers, in Murroe 12-6pm.
We are delighted to be hosting the Suicide Assist program again this year, there are just a few places left, for Thur 14th and Fri 15th, so again contact us if you are interested in attending.
In April we will have a weekend introduction course to Aromatherapy 20th/21st, aswell as the Shirodhara one day training on Thur 25th.
Congratulations to the therapists who recently qualified in Indian Head Massage and Hopi Candle, we know that these extra skills will greatly enhance your businesses.
I recently attended a wonderful lecture from experts in the field of brain development, they are having fantastic success across a broad spectrum of special needs, from ADD, Autism, brain injuries, if you would like further information please let me know and I will be happy to direct you .

It’s funny how our private clinics mirror what is current-a massive percentage of the work Im involved in recent times, is that of Anxiety/Panic Attacks and Depression, if Im not giving public lectures on the subject, it’s treating clients, or training therapists how to treat clients, and I personally find this work incredibly rewarding, when we address these issues, from the Holistic perspective using Energy Medicine, the results are extremely fast. For instance did you know that anyone can be taught how to end a Panic Attack in 3 seconds? Please, if you or someone you know is suffering, take action today, I will be more than happy to help, we have to get a handle on this epidemic. I guarantee that there is a solution to this debilitating issue-in fact many of my clients are so pleased with their personal success that they have written testimonials so that others may be encouraged to try the Holistic route, if you would like to view any of these again just email they should be up on my website-it’s on my to-do list!!!
Wishing you a sunny, relaxing weekend, love & light Anna

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